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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Custom Software Solutions For Travel Industry & Services

Software solutions for travel industry

Artjoker creates mobile applications and websites that allow you to:

  • Plan your trip;
  • Automate booking and reservation;
  • Implement a number of languages, increasing your reach;
  • Get a newsletter when a customer signs up (to make sure they will come back to you).

Additional possibilities:

  • 1 Travel sites promotion

    It is another important part of the business, which Artjoker helps to implement for our customers. We can improve your site’s SEO, SMM and e-mail marketing.The travel sites promotion increases the awareness of the company, allows you to work with leads, optimizes positions in the Internet search and helps to find partners.

  • 2 Software solutions for travel sphere

    Is a set of actions that need to be implemented professionally. We care about your business using modern technology and approach by continuously making improvements. As a result, your product evolves quickly and with minimal cost.

Custom travel software solutions - What we do?

  • Creating software tools for tour operators, private agencies and hotels;
  • Optimizing the process of working with clients, selection and payment services;
  • Implementing the promotion of travel sphere sites;
  • Cataloging the types of goods
  • Developing the system of online booking for hotels and inns;
  • Implementing a system of online reservation (e.g. tickets, restaurant tables);
  • Improving existing sites based on user experience and client’s usability.

Travel field becomes more and more competitive every day. The introduction of modern IT technologies will expose your business to the market and increase profitability. Travel software development is what your company needs!

Travel industry web development

The key features of web travel solutions:

  • 1 Filters for tour selection - ordering procedure should be clear to everyone
  • 2 Simple and modern interface
  • 3 Online booking system
  • 4 Online ordering services
  • 5 Reviews
  • 6 Weather for different regions
  • 7 Google-maps

The key functions of booking sites:

  • 1 The ability to give feedback

    New customers always read reviews before making a final choice.

  • 2 Secure booking system

    When the site acts as a hotel tour operator rather than a directory of hotels, the client does not have problems. A great competitive advantage!

  • 3 Finance

    It is important that your system doesn’t forward customers' data to hotels. You have to pay to hotels. Otherwise, client will have an additional pain point.

Our expertise

Among our software solutions for travel sphere, we can highlight Vojo travel and DeinRestaurant. Their features include:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • The ability to book hotels, airline, bus;
  • Weekend special offers from the company;
  • FAQ for customers' convenience.

If you choose Artjoker to implement your travel software solutions, then we can transform your ideas into excellent result, do in-depth business analysis, create an intuitive user interface and increase your profits.

Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager