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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Web development team

Development team process

  • For software development team management, we use Scrum methodology in Artjoker. It is one of the Agile methodologies that has client and deadline orientation. The Software development team structure consists of:

  • PO (product owner) - This is the client that has an idea and wants it turned into excellent results.

  • Scrum master - is a project manager that knows his team very well and communicates constantly with PO.

  • Development team - This is the team of developers that actually make the product.

  • Also, Scrum methodology includes iterations - sprints that are usually two weeks long and consist of the backlog. During that period of time, the developers have their tasks, and they are focused on the goals they have set.

New product development team

  • New product development team is actually almost the startup development team, so there is no digging into the old code of previous version of the product. One can only think of new ideas and then write new codes to improve techniques. It is a harder, but way more interesting, kind of development. An Artjoker developer improves his or her skills constantly to guarantee the best solutions for client’s product.  

Software development team goals (YES vs. NO)
  • YES

    Careful plans. The exact prescription of targets and timetables is the goal.

    Constant search for perfection.

    Interchangeable variety of professionals in the team.

    Completion of cases. It is better not to take up a task at all than to stop it half way to the end of the sprint.

    Openness. There are no secrets among Scrum members.


    Minimizing risks at the early stage.

    Mutual. Permanent discussion with objective criticism between Scrum members.

  • NO

    Multitasking. The concentration is only on one task at a time.

    Long-term plans. They crumble into dust at the first unexpected oversights.

    Addition of a new labor force. It will only slow down the work.

    Overworking. Tired worker = scattered worker.

Web development team specializes in web and online services development. We have 30+ web developers.

Our technologies stack for web development:

  • node.js or laravel - as the base of development;
  • HTML5/Responsive - as the main language and design;
  • Angular.js/React.js - as framework;
  • MySQL/MongoDB - as database.

App development team

App development team develops mobile applications. Artjoker has 20+ members in the mobile development team.

Our technologies stack for mobile applications development

  • Swift/Objective C - as the languages of the app;
  • Java/Rx Java - as program platform and database;

MVP development team

MVP - is a minimum viable product. It is on the Seed stage of startup lifecycle. MVP development team resembles startup team because they have similar features like developing the product from the scratch, generating new ideas, and working with small budget.

MVP development team is actually a startup team because MVP is at the Seed part of a startup lifecycle. The technologies stack differs, depending on the type of project , as well as team size, but it is usually a team of 3-5 developers.

Artjoker has an agile software development team that will happily turn your ideas into great results!

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Natalya Brinza

Project Manager