Online electronics store

Develop a mobile application based on a ready-made design from a client.
Implement the function of a discount card in a mobile application
Make a list "My purchases"
Make a notification that the gift has been received
Make QR Codes
The function of a discount card has been implemented in the system, which, among other things, allows you to accrue bonuses to a client for loyalty to the company. Accordingly, for these bonuses, a person can purchase goods that interest him.
Items for bonuses
The application implements a system of discounts that you can give to your friends. In addition, the company's customers can give gifts to friends in the application. And receive a notification that the gift has been received.
Gift system
The application contains information about which shopping malls you can find TechnoYozh stores. In addition, the customer sees a complete list of their purchases.
Store list and purchase history