eKYC and Online lending software for your business excellence
Get a ready-made solution with a lead generation engine in 60 days
Today`s applications: 672
Approved: 455
Amount of issued loans:345.000uah
For return: 533.000uah
Repayments of loans per month - 89 %
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For whom?
Financial companies
Financial companies which go online
Online shops
Willing to add a credit service for their clients
Loans online
Current online companies which want to improve business processes and increase income
The system represents a packaged solution which will be excellent for:
Вы получаете:
Packaged solution
A software wth a complete package for online loans
System adaptation for your business processes and change implementation
Complex marketing
We`ll help to do an appropriate launch and as a result you`ll get a regular loan position flow in one month.
Drawn up on the basis of machine learning and artificial intelligence, which helped to issue more than 80.000 loans.
You`re provided an immediate technical support that will let you improve and personalize your product.
Get experience from online microcredit experts and pieces of advice concerning marketing, business processes and management.
You get:
Вы обеспечены оперативной технической поддержкой, что позволяет вам улучшать
и персонализировать свой продукт.
Get tips from on eKYC and Digital lending from the team with 7+ years of experience
The system is inspired by successful launch of real products — we`re not in the list of companies that have created service without a personal experience.
A proven record of success
The project was launched in May 2016
Top 3 MFO (sort code) in Ukraine in terms of volume of issued loans
Increased the number of site deliveries 10 times over the past year
140.000 unique issued loans
Data Similarweb
Functional and simple to use
The system includes only necessary functions, so you`ll simply launch a project in 60 days.

If considered neccessary, you`ll expand the function list, the system versatility allows to do that.
Complete automatization of getting a loan and loan repayment processes
The dual frontend \ backend structure implies integration with external services and API: ATMs, credit bureaux, CPA networks, etc.
System operation algorithm
customer acquisition
creating a form
New application
system parametres evaluation
processing an application
Active application
amortization expectations
working with arrears
Black list
remission of debt or sale of debt
Personal profile
Card verification
Agreement acceptance
Loan amortization
System architecture
Antifraud system
Front-End Mycredit
Borrower`s personal account
Bonus program
Badge system
Loan calculator
The payment gateway
Сredit bureau х3
Back-End Mycore
Borrower`s form
Decision-making system Loan remittance
Prolongation, restructurisation

The payment gateway
Score Al
и простая в пользовании
Полная автоматизация процесса получения
и погашения займов
A comfortable process for gathering information about the borrower. Form and documents.
Keeps risks to a minimum analyzing the client`s behaviour when filling the data.
For example, whether the fields are filled with a normal speed, which country has the user come from, etc.
Decisions-making mechanism, which works on the basis of computer-assisted learning and artificial intelligence.
It has been worked out in more than 100.000 loans.
Credit bureau
Works with credit reference bureau.
Application verification
Subsystem is responsible for the process of application processing by staff service.
Loan issue and amortization
Performs financial operations. Profits, penal fines, work with ATMs Platon, iPay.
Permits to set up parameters for each
collector in the system.
SMS notifications, emails letters and autoredials.
Loyalty system
Offers bonuses for long-term customers. Attracts and holds clients with gamification.
Helps to onitor the user`s actions on the website and pass data in an understandable way.
The program includes subsystems, each can be adapted to your requirements and business processes.
Set the system for your business
The key modules of the system are described above:
Leave an application and we`ll send you presentation to get to know with the system in detail.
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We will help to avoid mistakes and launch a project without wasting your budget.
We guarantee 1000 applications in 60 days
Marketing strategy
Our experts in the loan market will help to create a strategy for online marketing with a maximum ROI.
We will suggest on which marketing channels it is necessary to emphasize client`s attraction and their holding.
Readiness for marketing
The platform with a well-defined SEO structure and profound web-analytics for keeping an eye on the key items.
First month. Test launch.
- PPC advertising Google Adwords
- Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)
- CPA networks
- SEO promotion
- Partnership marketing (denied person exchange)
Second month. First 1000 positions of site delivery
On the basis of test launch we have a clear understanding and statistics.

We know how much budget and which promotion channel it is needed to invest in in order to get N positions.
Get a free consultation from our experts who are qulified in launching products in microcredit sphere.
Free consultation
We will answer the questions regarding Hero! system and will give you pieces of advice which will help to do a smart project launch in microcredit.
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Use our experince to make your business effective.
Trust experts in order to avoid mistakes and join the top players of the market.
When you know all the angles in online loans
онлайн кредиты на карту
Send an application, get a detailed description of the system and suggestion for the optimal launch of your product.
Let us help to become the market leaders
Contact us to find out know how Lender can update your loan management and increase the quality service.
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