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Website development

A landing page, a company website, an online store, or an entire marketplace? Website development is a complex, multi-level process that we have gone through about a thousand times in 15 years. The main purpose of creating a website is to bring value to the client, so our agency always finds the most convenient version of the site for a particular project.
WEB-development is one of the services of the full-service agency ARTJOKER. The creation of websites from scratch takes place in several stages. First we determine the goals and objectives of the project, then we create a prototype and agree with the customer. After we develop the design and prepare the site on a turnkey basis.

It is important to determine the purpose: will it be a business site, a single page, an online store, or a blog? Our specialists will explain everything, make a strategy, determine budget and deadline. We create sites in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Mobile application development

Development of mobile applications is a necessary solution for business: communication with the client in a simple form and through a smartphone is the most beneficial. In Ukraine and CIS it will simplify and speed up the order placement procedure, data collection and communication with the audience. It is worth ordering a mobile app not only for orders, but also for information exchange, management, self-monitoring, design and other, most diverse things.
Our portfolio includes applications for a wide variety of niches, from gas stations to delivery! We start by analyzing the client`s project, its niche and competitors. We find out what functionality the application needs and for what purposes. Then we write the logic of the product and draw a prototype. We estimate the cost, determine the time for implementation, and start developing the application for Android and iOS.

Our experts are always in touch with the customer. We test, give feedback and provide support after the release. Application development in Kharkiv, Kyiv, for other cities in regions and countries is one of the services of a full-service agency Artjoker.

Online Marketing

Nowadays, there is enough competition in any business area. Therefore, to attract customers, you need Internet marketing. Effective website promotion on the Internet is a direct factor of income from it. For the best results we use an integrated approach: SEO-optimization, contextual advertising in Kharkiv, Kyiv, all over Ukraine and abroad, promotion on social media.
We will select promotion channels depending on the goals and needs of your business. We provide services both comprehensively and separately. We have experience of promotion in various niches: training, technology stores, beauty industry, promotion of mobile applications, websites and blogs.

ARTJOKER is a full-service Internet marketing agency. We have been providing post-release support and promoting already completed projects since 2006. We follow trends and always advise how to make your business more effective.


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