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Cryptoplatform (devops case study)

Automating infrastructure setup to streamline deployment processes, enhancing security and compliance, and increasing scalability for Cryptoplatform.

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Our company, a leading digital solutions provider, faced challenges in managing infrastructure and deploying applications efficiently. To address these issues, we embarked on a journey to implement DevOps solutions, focusing on automation, scalability, and security.

Business challenges

  • Automate infrastructure setup: Reduce manual efforts in setting up and managing infrastructure.
  • Enhance deployment processes: Achieve faster, more reliable web application deployments.
  • Improve security and compliance: Strengthen security posture and ensure compliance with industry standards.
  • Increase scalability: Enable the infrastructure to scale dynamically based on demand.


We adopted a DevOps stack comprising Terraform, AWS services and GitLab CI/CD, focusing on serverless deployment. 
The approach was to treat infrastructure as code (IaC), automate deployment pipelines, and leverage AWS's scalability and security.
  • Terraform for IaC

Terraform was used to automate the provisioning of AWS resources. This allowed us to define infrastructure through code, making 
it reproducible and version-controlled.

We created Terraform scripts to set up AWS VPCs, EC2 instances, IAM roles, and Cognito user pools, ensuring that our cloud resources were deployed consistently and efficiently.

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  • GitLab CI/CD for continuous deployment

We leveraged GitLab CI/CD to automate our deployment pipeline, enabling continuous integration and continuous deployment. 
This included:

  • Automated testing: Every code commits triggers automated tests, ensuring code quality.
  • Serverless deployments: Integrated with AWS services for deploying serverless applications, reducing the operational overhead and scaling automatically with usage.
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Lessons learned

  • Adoption of IaC: Treating infrastructure 
as code from the beginning of the project helped avoid technical debt and simplified scaling and management.
  • Iterative approach: Implementing DevOps practices in stages allowed us to learn and adapt our strategy effectively.
  • Collaboration is key: Close collaboration between development, operations, and security teams was crucial in achieving 
our objectives.
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Implementing DevOps solutions transformed our project delivery process. By leveraging Terraform, AWS, and GitLab CI/CD, we automated our infrastructure setup and application deployments, improved security, and ensured our infrastructure could dynamically scale.

This strategic approach not only optimized our operations but also allowed us to deploy application efficiently, achieving speeds 50 times faster than before. Furthermore, throughput analysis revealed an increase of 320%, highlighting the substantial improvements in еру system's performance.

This case study vividly demonstrates the transformative power of DevOps in achieving operational excellence and accelerating time-to-market.

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