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AI Best Practices Competition: AI Tools For Marketing, Lead Generation, And Coding

Alexander Prokopiev
Alexander Prokopiev CEO of ARTJOKER
6 min read

Today we continue to cover AI tools for different areas of work based on our AI Best Practices Competition. In our previous article, we discussed AI tools for hiring, SEO, and UI/UX. This material will discuss AI tools for marketing, lead generation, and coding.

We remind you that AI Best Practices Competition is an exciting event within our ARTJOKER team organized to cultivate the knowledge-sharing culture inside our company. Let`s start!

How valuable are AI tools today?

AI can significantly save time and allows you to perform more tasks than without it. It saves at least 1 hour a day for our experts. AI tools can:

  • Automate processes and optimize them
  • Improve decision-making based on multiple data points
  • Increase accuracy and personalization of suggestions
  • Enhance communication and collaboration
  • Reduce time spent

Nevertheless, we keep in mind that it is still not perfect, and we need to check all the options it provides. But sure, over time, AI tools will become much more useful. Therefore, it is worth learning how to use AI and understand how to work with it. In the near future, the question "Do you know how to work with artificial intelligence?" will accompany us everywhere.

AI tools for marketing

AI Best Practices Competition: AI Tools For Marketing, Lead Generation, And Coding

Our experts increasingly turn to AI tools to successfully navigate complex marketing terrain. Artificial intelligence has become an essential ally, revolutionizing marketing strategies and delivering unprecedented value. Here are the AI tools that our marketing experts use:

  • Midjourney - great for creating images
  • Lexica - a search engine for images generated by artificial intelligence.
  • PlaygroundAI - great for creating images
  • Namelix - a perfect business name generator
  • Brand Mark - a great logo generation tool

These are great AI tools for different purposes, including business development management and presales. Indeed, our marketers prefer to use ChatGPT as it can do a lot of tasks for free. Our marketers use it to:

So, ChatGPT speeds up the work of finding ideas, editing, and creating texts and helps find quick technical solutions. Nevertheless, it requires careful verification of ideas, data accuracy, formulas, and so on, as it can generate false information.

AI tools for lead generation

AI Best Practices Competition: AI Tools For Marketing, Lead Generation, And Coding - 1

Our experts primarily use the following AI tools for lead generation:

  • Grammarly - helps to make your texts perfect
  • DeepL - great translator
  • Sprintful - smart meeting scheduler
  • Mailmeteor - excellent for avoiding getting your emails in the spam

These are great tools for different purposes. Except for these AI tools, our lead generation experts also use ChatGPT. Here are 3 primary tasks they do with ChatGPT.

Writing a proposal for Upwork

AI Best Practices Competition: AI Tools For Marketing, Lead Generation, And Coding - 2

Our lead generation experts write the prompt, "Act like an X and write a proposal for this offer on Upwork. Do not use more than 1000 characters".

Then they write the next prompt, "Write that you have experience in this area and have case studies like that". They also add another prompt, "Write questions for this proposal", and choose the questions they consider more appropriate.

After that, they combine all the ChatGPT responses and get a finished proposal.

Writing a post on Linkedin

AI Best Practices Competition: AI Tools For Marketing, Lead Generation, And Coding - 3

Our lead generation experts write the prompt, "Act like a marketing/sales manager and write a post based on this data for LinkedIn. Don't use more than 500 characters". Along with this prompt, they send a small snippet of text that ChatGPT should use to generate a post. Details such as "act like a marketing/sales manager" greatly change the mood of posts.

Creating an ideal customer profile (ICP)

AI Best Practices Competition: AI Tools For Marketing, Lead Generation, And Coding - 4

Our lead generation experts write the prompt, "Act like a marketer and create ICP for LinkedIn for Canadian financial companies to whom I can sell software development. Write it to me in a spreadsheet?.

AI tools for coding

AI Best Practices Competition: AI Tools For Marketing, Lead Generation, And Coding - 5

Our developers are satisfied with the work of the following AI tools:

  • Tabnine - AI-powered assistant that speeds up delivery and keeps your code safe
  • Intellicode - helps you drive accuracy and consistency with code completion that can fill in a whole line at once
  • CodeGPT - the future of software development powered by AI
  • Codeium - free AI-powered toolkit for developers

But in our article, we will discuss CodeGPT and Codeium as they have proved to be highly efficient tools for coding. CodeGPT and Codeium advantages:

  • Intelligent code completion. CodeGPT and Codeium provide advanced offerings for code completion.
  • Increased productivity. The tools help you generate code snippets, write repetitive code segments, and automate common programming tasks.
  • Improved code quality. CodeGPT and Codeium help improve code quality by providing recommendations based on best practices and programming standards. They identify potential errors, recommend code refactoring, and suggest more efficient alternatives.
  • Support for programming languages. PhpStorm already provides excellent support for a wide range of programming languages. Integrating CodeGPT and Codeium extends this support by providing intelligent suggestions and assistance specific to a particular programming language.
  • Training and education. CodeGPT and Codeium can serve as a source of training for developers. They provide explanations, examples, and documentation for various programming concepts and techniques.

Overall, CodeGPT and Codeium are innovative tools that can improve the efficiency of the software development process and programming education. Their unique features can be useful for developers of all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.


AI Best Practices Competition: AI Tools For Marketing, Lead Generation, And Coding - 6

CodeGPT is an ML model designed to generate code from text queries. It was developed using the GPT-4 architecture and trained on many open-source codes. CodeGPT can generate code in various programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and many others.

One of the key features of CodeGPT is the ability to generate code for various programming tasks, such as writing functions, classes, conditional statements, and loops. For example, if you want to write a function to calculate the average of an array of numbers, you can enter the query "write a function to calculate the average of an array of numbers". CodeGPT will generate the appropriate code.

CodeGPT can also automatically import the necessary libraries and modules, making it more user-friendly. However, CodeGPT cannot always generate perfect code like any other machine learning technology. Its results require testing and adjustment on the developer's part to ensure that the generated code meets expectations and is bug-free.

CodeGPT can be used to speed up the development process and teach programming. It can help novice programmers understand code structure and syntax and can also be used as a tool for testing and hypothesis testing.

One example of using CodeGPT is creating a quick application prototype. You can enter the query "write a prototype of a web application for ordering food", and CodeGPT will generate the appropriate code based on the available templates.


AI Best Practices Competition: AI Tools For Marketing, Lead Generation, And Coding - 7

Codeium offers two main tools - a system for checking and adding code for popular development environments and a chatbot that can help write programs.

The service supports more than 70 programming languages and dozens of programs. With the help of extensions, Codeium can also be run in browsers.

The system comes in handy for automatic line completion and searching through open repositories for useful functions and files that will be suitable for the realization of the conceived project.ʼ

Content of the article


AI tools have become increasingly valuable in various fields of work, including marketing, lead generation, and coding. These tools have the potential to automate processes, optimize decision-making, increase accuracy and personalization, enhance communication, collaboration, and reduce time spent on tasks. While AI tools are imperfect and require careful verification, they offer significant time savings and efficiency improvements.

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