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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

About us

From 2006 we have been doing what we love, and doing it the best way. We are Software Launching Base regularly establishing successful tech products. Our team of ambitious and talented people is good at creating and promoting web and mobile solutions, enterprise products aand e-tools that actually do work. We cultivate high quality of services and deadlines.

Main people of our company
  • Natalya Brinza Natalya Brinza Head of Mobile development department
  • Alexander Prokopiev Alexander Prokopiev Chief Technical Officer
  • Ekaterina Devyatkina Ekaterina Devyatkina Strategy Development Manager
  • Roman Katerinchik Roman Katerinchik CEO
  • Elena Halyavka Elena Halyavka Chief Marketing director
  • Vlad Pshenychka Vlad Pshenychka Marketer

artjoker mission

  • Goal:

    To launch world-class startups.

  • Vision:

    We are a technology-savvy team that helps build and bring to market startups, as well as develop clients' businesses by rapid IT-innovation.

  • Social mission:

    To form intelligent middle class, as well as the reputation of Ukraine as a world's Technology Center.

  • Our solid:

    Startups and program products are already launched to the global market.

  • Our product:

    Technical expertise, strong management and additional marketing and niche consultancy services.

our values

are first

Man made

Technological effectiveness



Future belongs to smart
people and

Events that we have visited



The Big Brain Club

The Big Brain Club - is a series of meetings with tech specialists. Our goal is to join all the people who are fond of software development into one community. There is no place for people who are more into humanities. No milk-and-water - just tech know-hows. We support new ideas of aspiring innovators and we are glad to meet like-minded people. Join us!


our clients are international