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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

About us

We do things we love. We help our clients build efficient business with the help of the e-marketing tools. We develop websites, online-stores, mobile applications, promote all the stated above across the web. We cultivate quality, service and deadline. We will convert your ideas into great results.

  • 9

    years of experience

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Main people of our company
  • Natalya Brinza Natalya Brinza Head of Mobile development department
  • Alexander Prokopiev Alexander Prokopiev Chief Technical Officer
  • Ekaterina Devyatkina Ekaterina Devyatkina Strategy Development Manager
  • Roman Katerinchik Roman Katerinchik CEO
  • Elena Halyavka Elena Halyavka Chief Marketing director
artjoker mission

Artjoker Company specializes in the field of providing full-cycle web services. Our clients value their time and understand, that an investment in Internet today encourages prosperity of their business tomorrow.

The priority thing for us is an individual approach to the development of clients' businesses, result-orientation and also building of a long-term relationship. We are an intellectual team where mutual respect, open-mindness and striving for success are highly estimated.

our values
  • Do the first-class projects

    Do the first-class projects

    Always try to complete an assigned task in a brilliant way. Complications just urge excitement and desire to make projects better, than previous ones. We create only a high-quality product, offer only professional solutions.

  • Support your colleagues

    Support your colleagues

    Team is nature of Artjoker. Contribute to the strengthening of trustful atmosphere, maintain friendly relationship and sincere communication within the team. Aspire to settle appeared disputes and all the conflicts in a constructive way. Build long-term relationship not only with clients but also with colleagues.

  • Invent, Generate, Offer

    Invent, Generate, Offer

    Create prominent projects,causing "WOW-effect", produce the ideas, think nonstandartly. While solving difficult tasks look for original and fearless approach to its solving and remember that simplicity is pledge of success.

  • Go over your head

    Go over your head

    To reach the best quality, set high standards and do everything to get it. Do your work with all responsibility and attentiveness to trifles and this is the thing that determines the level of professionalism.

  • Grow, Risk, Develop

    Grow, Risk, Develop

    Develop like personality, professional, discover something new and unknown inside and in the environmental world — these qualities are highly estimated. Never stand still — always aspire to new discoveries and ideas. Don't be afraid of risking./p>

  • Think in prospect. Do beforehand

    Think in prospect. Do beforehand

    The world always moves forward, so keep up with the times and those technologies and developments that are actual. Feel tendencies of the field of activity in advance, to know how to produce the product that corresponds to modern specifics. You should trim the sails to the wind in the technological business.

  • Be honest and open-minded

    Be honest and open-minded

    So that to develop and to move in the right direction, first of all, you should be honest with yourself. Be open to people, ideas, solutions and thoughts.

Big Brain Activities and Initiatives

We aren't afraid of being busted, so we hold quaterly seminars for all who are not indifferent to the world of e-marketing. Share our experience. Instruct the market. Support new ideas of aspiring innovators and we are glad to help all new like-minded people. Join us!

our clients are international