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TEN (devops case study)

Streamlining deployment processes, enhancing scalability and reliability, and optimizing infrastructure costs to boost development productivity for Cybersport Networking Platform.

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Business challenges

  • Optimize infrastructure costs:

    Achieve a cost-effective infrastructure setup that aligns
with usage patterns and reduces waste.

  • Simplify deployment processes:

    Automate and streamline the deployment pipeline to reduce manual efforts and errors.

  • Improve scalability and reliability:

    Enhance the infrastructure's ability to scale efficiently in response to demand while maintaining high availability.

  • Enhance development productivity:

    Enable developers to focus on building features by reducing 
the complexity of deployment and infrastructure management.


The solution involved migrating the applications to Kubernetes, utilizing GitLab for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), and adopting best practices for cloud-native development.

Kubernetes as an orchestration solution: 

The decision to use Kubernetes in our project was driven by several key factors that emphasize its relevance and effectiveness in deploying and managing modern web applications. Kubernetes stands out for its user-friendly nature, which significantly shortens the learning curve for our team, contributing to a smoother progression of the project. This ease of use is complemented by seamless integration capabilities.

Another critical aspect that influenced our choice is Kubernetes' cost-efficiency. It offers a managed environment that optimizes resource utilization, thus reducing expenses related to hardware and operational costs. By leveraging Kubernetes, we eliminate the need for extensive manual cluster management, allowing our team to focus on development rather than infrastructure maintenance. 

In addition, as part of our project, Kubernetes is configured to automatically scale applications in response to load changes. By dynamically reconfiguring resources, Kubernetes helps to avoid both underutilisation and potential overloads, thus ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

In summary, Kubernetes plays a key role in our project by providing a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution for orchestrating containerised applications.

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GitLab CI/CD integration

  • GitLab CI/CD pipelines were configured to automate the testing, building, and deployment of applications directly to the Kubernetes cluster.
  • The pipelines were set up to support blue-green deployments, allowing for zero-downtime updates and easy rollbacks.

Monitoring and logging

The team implemented a comprehensive monitoring and logging solution using NewRelic for metrics and logs, all deployed within 
the Kubernetes cluster. This setup provided insights into application performance and system health.
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  • Deployment efficiency: Deployment times were reduced from hours to minutes, significantly accelerating the release cycles.
  • Scalability and reliability: The application could now automatically scale to meet demand, ensuring consistent performance and reducing costs during off-peak times.
  • Developer productivity: The automated CI/CD pipeline and simplified deployment processes freed developers to focus more on feature development and less on operational concerns.
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Lessons learned

  • Early planning:

    Thorough planning and testing of the Kubernetes architecture and CI/CD pipelines were crucial to a smooth transition.

  • Training and adoption:

    Ensuring the development team was up-to-speed on Kubernetes concepts and practices was key to leveraging its full potential.

  • Iterative improvement:

    Continuous monitoring and optimization of the deployment processes and Kubernetes configurations led 
to incremental improvements in efficiency and cost.


We managed to optimize infrastructure costs by increasing scalability tenfold!

This strategic overhaul empowered the company with a robust, scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure, aligning perfectly with their growth objectives. Now, they can allocate resources more effectively, focusing on innovation and ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction.

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