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The main goal of the application is to provide fast and convenient ticket sales. The client did not want to implement a news feed, as other clubs do.

Business challenges:

  • Implement the ability to choose the desired match and make a quick online ticket purchase;
  • Add the option to select a specific sector and seat in the stadium;
  • Integrate credit card payments;
  • Enable access through the turnstile with a single click by launching the application and scanning the phone.
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Our solutions:

  • Seat Mapping and Selection: Designed an algorithm for seat layout visualization and seat selection.
  • Group Ticket Purchase Algorithm: Created an algorithm for convenient group ticket purchases, allowing users to buy tickets for a group of friends or colleagues in a single transaction.
  • Ticket Sharing: Implemented a ticket sharing feature that enables easy sharing of event information and tickets with friends.
  • Rest API: Developed a Rest API interface for integrating our services with other applications and solutions.


  • The application features functionality for selecting the desired match.
  • Customers can choose their preferred sector, row, and seat.
  • An accessible history of tickets and purchases is available.
  • Payment with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) is supported
  • Access through the turnstile is facilitated using a barcode scanner.
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