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Vet platform

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Vet platform is an online service that connects pet owners who need to get help for their animals from professionally trained veterinarians via messaging and voice/ video calls

Business challenges

  • Create vet verification process to submit and check corresponding set of documents
  • Provide preliminary consulting with a vet to define what service is required by a user 
  • Complicated appointment flow and interface: provide possibility to fill in the meeting information, create a prescription
  • Expand target audience by adding services for farm animals. 
  • Some services need e-commerce functionality on the website. In the future it was planned to add nutriment providers.  

Key results

  • Thanks to service digitalization users have obtained a possibility to male a vet visit without leaving a house during the Covid lockdown 
  • Payment module where the admin can transfer money to vets and integration to Stripe payment system
  • Admin panel where the admin can verify and qualify vets 
  • Reporting system for quality management. 
  • Competition system. Each vet sees the same question, the fastest one will reply to it.
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Our solution

  • The high fidelity wireframe and UI/UX for the full version of the platform plus mobile version. 
  • 8 services projected: tele-medicine, prescription order, insurance compensation, online consulting, search of medical personnel, doctor profile, pet profile 
  • Gitlab - based CI/CD pipeline / deployment infrastructure
  • Ansible - software that provides tools for configuration management, orchestration, centralized application installation, and parallel execution of typical tasks on a group of systems
  • REST API for communication with services
  • Docker containerization for services
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Our achievements

  • Given the architecture we have provided for a possibility to launch each service separately and add new service even based on different tech stack 
  • Created  a custom chat solution with notifications which allows for future scalability
  • Created a constructor for management of content pages and provided a possibility to create a unique page for each service that allows to give more information to the end user and SEO optimization.
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