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About the project:

GTD is a methodology that allows you to put things in order in your business and thoughts. The main goal of the methodology is to help a person manage to do everything they need to do, leaving maximum time for what makes them happy. It is useful for anyone who is a multitasker. ARTJOKER's task was to update the gtd.com.ua website with new functionality.

Business challenges:

  • Make the website more attractive - with a calm design and easy to process information
  • Add functionality that will help people dive deeper into the GTD methodology, its description and processes

Our solution:

  • Based on the received requirements documentation, we proposed a new website design
  • We programmed a new design for the entire site, especially:
    • Home page
    • GTD basics page: Course description with the ability to view participation options
    • Projects and Priorities page: Course description with the ability to view participation options
  • We also added new functionality
    • Created a questionnaire (GTD quiz) to help you understand how GTD works
  • Updated the header with the following pages
    • About GTD: Programmed a new page with a general description of the GTD methodology
    • Resources
    • Training
    • Implementation
    • GTD-Q: Updated the questions and look of the self-assessment
    • GTD Shop: Updated design to reflect subscriptions and resources available for purchase
    • Contacts: Added a dynamic form that changes questions after selecting the main item from the survey
  • Updated the look of the footer
  • Updated the authorization functionality (Only authorized users can take the GTD quiz)
  • Added a video about GTD courses and methodology so that the user can get acquainted with the processes in more detail
  • Added the ability to leave your contacts on almost every page of the site to improve communication between the administration of gtd.com.ua and their users
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  • GTD website has a new and fresh design
  • Users can easily and conveniently familiarize themselves with all available information about the methodology
  • Users can take a new questionnaire to help them get to know GTD better
solution image gtd
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Head of Business Development

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