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MeetBee is a company based in Malta and operating in the European market. They specialize in managing meeting schedules and online calls for teams. MeetBee acts as a hosting service that manages all the meetings and conferences for these companies.

Business challenges

The company did not have a website at all, so they wanted to start by creating a corporate website that would explain what MeetBee is and how it can help client companies.

Our solutions

  • Development of UX/UI design.
  • Development of a corporate website to attract investments on the Webflow platform - MeetBee | The Virtual Meeting Solutions Company.
  • The website is available in bilingual versions. The English version is already done, and we have also developed the structure for the Maltese language.

Our achievements

  • Our team designed and quickly built 11 pages of the website on Webflow.
  • The website is open for indexing by search engines.
  • We have started working on SEO optimization. We signed a new contract and continue to work on this task.


All the company's partners and the client are satisfied with the design and website, and they recommend us to others.
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Kashcheiev Maksym

Head of Business Development

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