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Lonvest.com is a peer-to-peer (P2P) investment platform that offers affordable finance products to customers. It is part of an international financial group called Space Crew, which operates in Europe and Asia. The platform's primary challenge was to create a P2P platform that could attract European investors and allow them to invest in loans. Artjoker was responsible for providing a full-circle software development solution for Lonvest.com to overcome these challenges.

Business challenges:

To appeal to European investors, Lonvest.com aimed to develop a user-friendly and secure P2P lending platform that supported diverse payment methods.

Our Solutions:

To overcome the business challenge, Artjoker needed to address several technical challenges, including:

  • Project Architecture: Artjoker needed to develop a complete project architecture that included user requirements and a back office for accounting transactions and payments to clients.
  • KYC/AML: The platform needed to use modern Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems to identify clients.
  • 2FA Authorization: To ensure the security of client login and protect client credentials, we implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) authorization.
  • Automatic API Integration: To streamline the process of exchanging loan data with loan providers, we implemented an automatic API integration system.
  • Personal Account and Dashboard: we created a personal account and client dashboard that allowed clients to track the progress of their investments.
  • Notification System: we implemented a notification system that informed clients about their lifecycle in the system, from registration to investment and income generation.
  • Mobile Version: we created a mobile version of the platform that duplicated the client's experience and made it convenient.
  • Modern Interface: To match other competitors in the market and create a better user experience, we created a modern interface.
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Technology stack:

Artjoker's team utilized a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies to create the Lonvest.com platform. The front-end of the platform was built using JavaScript, ReactJS, and Redux, while the back-end was built using Node.js and Express.

  • For the database, we utilized MongoDB, specifically MongoDB Atlas. Integration unit tests were conducted using Jest and Enzyme, while Git and Github were used for version control. Our team also implemented CI/CD with CircleCI to ensure the platform's stability and reliability.
  • To deploy the platform, we utilized Docker, which enabled the team to create a containerized environment for the platform. The platform was hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provided scalability and ensured that the platform was accessible to users worldwide.
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After eight months of collaboration, Artjoker and Lonvest.com successfully created a robust P2P lending platform that includes extensive integration and scalability features. The platform is expected to generate around €10M in investments in its first year of operation, showcasing its appeal and value to European investors.


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