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GLOBUS company is the largest retail chain in Kyrgyzstan, with stores located throughout the country.

Business challenges

  • Our client initially approached us with the idea of redesigning the existing mobile application for the "Globus" store network. As a result, a complete development project was carried out from scratch.
  • Following the successful launch of the "Globus" application, clients reached out to us for the development of applications for their networks: "Narodny," "Spar," "Dostor." Before commencing work on the "Narodny" and "Spar" applications, we presented an extensive annual roadmap encompassing the development of these applications, including "Globus," which was already in release at that time. One of the technical focuses in our development plan was the integration with a loyalty system where all discounts and bonuses are stored, along with plans to introduce the network's own delivery service in the future.
  • At present, we are actively engaged in developing an application for the supermarket network - "Dostor."

Our solutions

  • Guest mode with limited functionality and full functionality for authorized users.
  • Stories similar to Instagram.
  • Ability to select three favorite products once a day (exclusive discounts apply to favorite products).
  • Price checker - verification of the current price and discounts on a product by scanning its barcode (includes selecting a store where the user wants to know the current price).
  • Online store for purchasing products with delivery (includes a wishlist, filtering and sorting of products, product search, as well as synchronization of the mobile app cart and the website cart).Docker containerization for services
  • Interactive map with all network supermarkets (includes automatic search for the nearest store, route planning from the user to the store, search for specific stores).
  • Order history both in the app and in offline stores.
  • Client discount card (using generated unique QR codes).
  • Push notifications (Firebase Cloud Messaging).
  • Analytics (Firebase Analytics).
  • Multilingual support - Russian, Kyrgyz, English.
  • Interactive tour of the application to familiarize users with functionality and features.
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Our achievements

We handled design, development of the admin panel and application, app testing, release, as well as support and implementation of DevOps functionality for the supermarket networks: "Globus", "Narodny", "Spar."

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