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Company under a NDA is a startup founded in 2018, supported by the government and dedicated to addressing food waste and sustainability goals. With a strong emphasis on promoting local and sustainable products, the company connects food producers and restaurants through its innovative marketplace. This marketplace provides a platform for food producers to expand their customer base and helps restaurants create more sustainable menus. In the long term, the project envisions becoming a unified marketplace for the entire food supply chain, with data-driven solutions to reduce and prevent food waste.

Business challenges

  • Fragmented Food Producer Market: Over 85% of food producers in Sweden lack access to larger distribution channels, making it challenging for them to grow and remain profitable.
  • Restaurant Sourcing Difficulties: Restaurants struggle to find new, local, and sustainable food products because these products are not easily accessible.
  • Food Waste in Production: Inefficient forecasting results in overproduction, leading to food waste as producers often cannot match supply with demand.
  • Limited Marketing Resources: Small food producers often lack the resources and time to effectively market their products to a broader audience.
  • Lack of Data for Accurate Forecasting: The food industry relies on gut feeling rather than data, leading to inaccurate production forecasts.
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Our solution

The platform revolutionizes menu management and empowers restaurant owners and suppliers with innovative tools to streamline their operations, enhance profitability, and support sustainability in the food industry. From menu creation to recipe management, inventory control, and supplier analytics, our comprehensive solution offers a range of features designed to simplify decision-making, promote cost-efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. Built on a robust architecture using Java and React JS, our platform ensures reliability and scalability. Whether you're a restaurant owner aiming to optimize your menus or a supplier seeking data-driven insights into product demand and competition, our platform is your digital ally.

  • Menu Management: Our platform provides a user-friendly menu creation tool that allows restaurant owners to design menus based on their preferences. They can define menu names, types (food, drink, combined, take away), and active periods. Users can also create menus from existing ones, fostering menu continuity and improvement.
  • Active Periods: Restaurants can set specific periods when menus are active. This feature enables comparisons between menu performance over different periods, helping users make data-driven decisions.
  • Menu Goals: Users can establish menu goals, such as promoting local, eco-friendly, or sustainable products, reducing costs, or achieving specific climate impact objectives. The system supports these goals throughout menu creation.
  • Recipe Management: Creating recipes is made simple with options to define recipe types (food, drink, combined, batch) and build them from scratch, existing recipes, or batches. Users can categorize recipes, making them easy to locate.
  • Product Suggestions: Our system recommends recipes by calculating which ones are the most cost-effective, popular, and profitable. This feature streamlines the process of choosing recipes for menus.
  • Recipe Profitability: Users can assess the profitability of each recipe over time, helping them optimize their menu for maximum financial gain.
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  • Product Connection: Users can connect recipes to products on our marketplace, ensuring easy access to ingredients. This feature also offers suggestions for alternative products.
  • Climate Impact Analysis: In the future, the platform plan to include a climate impact assessment, allowing users to monitor the ecological footprint of each portion.
  • Batch Recipe Management: Batch recipes simplify the recipe creation process, especially for establishments with consistent ingredients across multiple recipes.
  • CSV Recipe Upload: For efficiency, users can upload multiple recipes or batches via CSV files, which follow predefined templates.
  • Recipe Recommendations: The platform suggests profitable and relevant recipes based on menu goals, marketplace deals, or real-time opportunities.
  • Inventory Management: Users can maintain digital, well-organized inventories with multiple storage locations. The system helps map the inventory based on physical setups.
  • Analytics on our platform provide valuable insights into menu and recipe performance. Users can track profitability, assess the impact of sustainability goals, and gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences.
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Key results

The platform empowers restaurants to create, manage, and optimize menus efficiently. It streamlines the recipe creation process, offers profitability insights, and recommends cost-effective and popular recipes. By allowing users to set menu goals and monitor it, our solution encourages more sustainable and profitable menus.

For suppliers, we offer comprehensive product analytics to enhance understanding of product demand, competition, and trends. With the ability to create campaigns and target specific customer groups, suppliers can increase sales and customer engagement.

Furthermore, we provide an ecosystem for suppliers and restaurants to collaborate, resulting in a win-win situation where food producers can reduce waste, find new customers, and maintain profitable businesses, while restaurants can source local, sustainable, and cost-effective products.

In the future, our platform will continue to evolve, integrating more features and improvements, such as enhanced climate impact analysis and mobile inventory management. The system architecture is robust, built on Java and React JS, and deployed on Bitbucket for reliability and scalability. This solution not only optimizes restaurant operations but also supports sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the food industry.

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