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The lovelogs diary is a unique app that helps you create a relationship history. The relationship diary has a relationship counter, a calendar, a photo editor, a set of useful tips from experts, and love hacks that will help make relationships unforgettable. The lovelogs app was created at the initiative of UNESCO with the support of experts in the field of relationships, love and health.


The LoveLogs relationship app allows you to do the following:

  • make notes in my diary with a password
  • post photos and videos in the relationship app
  • seek help from a lovelogs relationship specialist anonymously and for free
  • get advice from a psychologist and a doctor in the Love-hacks section of the lovelogs app on issues related to relationships, intimacy, and health; The lovelogs app has a whole section with Love-hacks - answers to the most frequently asked questions about relationships. The developers have collected the most awkward and frequently asked questions and, together with psychologists, prepared the most simple and useful tips. You can also ask your own questions, they are anonymous, so you can talk about any topic of relationships
  • edit photos, use diary filters, add photo captions right in the app
  • create original relationship cards with inscriptions and stickers from the lovelogs diary
  • mark your mood and choose a colour for each entry in the relationship app
  • a calendar for couples allows you to mark events and set reminders for your relationship
  • stick stickers, add different text to the relationship diary
  • Also, the LoveLogs relationship app will help you find out how many days a couple has been together
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  • Updated design of the app, including changed onboarding
  • A unique set of icons for publishing different articles in the app
  • Added the Ukrainian version of the app
  • Adaptation of the application to the new version of Android
  • Developed sticker packs
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