How to develop a real estate app like zillow?

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Housing have always been one of the priorities for the humanity. Due to this people have always been looking for a better place. For that purpose Zillow was created. And here you will see an instruction of the creation of a similar app.

The building of a good shelter is one of the main instincts, which was implemented into us by the Mother Nature in the very beginning of our existence on the planet Earth. However, the creation of a shelter is not the only crucial thing. For a human or any other animal one of the most prioritized things has always been and still remains the search for the best possible place, where you may live. Due to that issue, such things as Real-Estate Agencies and Real-Estate Brokers? position were born. However, with the emergence of the Internet, the whole process of the search of the sellers and buyers became much easier, because of an opportunity to use real estate website and real estate mobile apps. One of the best examples of such one of the best commercial real estate application could be Zillow, which was created directly for the simplification of the whole selling process and to press out several branches of the US real estate business.

The popularity of Zillow is really surprising. Because of the growing use of that extension, the whole industry of real estate app development started to evolve, while lots of the beginning developers are now thinking on the opportunities on how to create the mobile apps for real estate agents. However, they usually tend to make different mistakes, that may become a great obstacle on their way to success, so in that article, we will describe the majority of the essential steps of the whole process of the creation of a real estate mobile app.


To be honest, an answer to that question could be pretty easy. Mobile app agency, such as Zillow to achieve all the same goals as with the broker but by their own. As a result, people are saving their money. Furthermore, if you are a seller, usually in case if you are using the services of an agency you are obliged to give them a 5% share from the purchase, what is not really good, frankly speaking.

Moreover, apps like Zillow are able to make a really good thing. They may be able to help people to overcome the problem of the so-called ?black brokers? or simply speaking, adventurers, who are usually cheating those people, who are while considering them as real agents tend to give them their money, time and, as a result, property. However, in case if you are using such a thing as Zillow or any other popular web and mobile real estate extension that may automatically help you to avoid such problems and dangers. So, downstream I am willing to describe the main aspects and points of the creation of an app similar to Zillow or Trulia, what may make it easier for the developers to understand the entire developmental process with all of its issues, nuances, and complications.

How to develop a real estate app like zillow?


If you are willing to make a real estate mobile app for Android or iOS you have to keep in mind several really important and vital aspects, which tend to play the most important role in the process, which will help you to create real estate app. Features, which are important for real estate apps are:

  • Good Searching Machine;
  • Simple Design;
  • Lots of photos;
  • Good Streaming.

Here is the moderate list of those vital things, which you have to know in order to successfully arrange a mobile app development for real estate agency. So, I am willing to briefly describe each of them.

Good Searching Machine

In case if you want to develop an app like Zillow, that point is the most popular. It is so because people need to have an opportunity to look for the needed houses as fast as possible and with the implementation of as many parameters as needed. In such a case, people may be able to get access to the data they need faster and in a more efficient way. As a result, the usability of the resource will be higher, what automatically means the increase in the user experience level within your resource. Later we are going to enlighten that point while discussing the main features of a good design.

Simple Design

The simplicity of a design is one of the top priorities in case of the building your own real estate app. The user has to be able to find all the functions as fast as only possible and the whole concept of the interface has to be convenient enough to allow the user to orientate freely within it. Furthermore, I am willing to notice, that sometimes, while creating such thing as real-estate applications you have to forget about shapes and colors while being focused more on the whole idea of the user experience and usability. Simply speaking it is a level of accessibility of all of the elements of the interface for a user. Sometimes, we may say, that a simple design means the creation of a high level of the user experience.

Good Multimedia

I don't really want to spend too much time on the description of that point. I am just willing to say, that while creating a real estate application you have to create a good library of the photos, because of people, while buying a house really want to see all the details and be able to have access to all of the photos, where the house is depicted. Furthermore, it is increasing the level of trust of the customers.

Good Streaming

The speed with which the developmental process is held and which storages do you use for saving all of the essential data also play a crucial role. In order to arrange a proper speed of streaming, there is a need to use MLS and NAR databases, while storing is better to hold, basing on cloud systems without buying the tons of hardware. For sure, you can lease servers, what could be much more reliable, but you have to keep in mind, that in the end, it will be an additional fee to the final sum of a project.

How to develop a real estate app like zillow? - 1

What are the types of the real-estate applications?

As usual, when we are talking about any of the existing applications and cyber extensions there are various types of them even in case if the topic of a certain group is pretty similar. So, you may conclude, that the real-estate applications are not the exceptions. That is why we are willing to show you in that passage three the most popular and widely used types of the real-estate additions. Frankly speaking, there are three of them:

  • Buying/selling ones;
  • Mapping ones;
  • Mortgage extensions;

So, let me briefly describe each of them here.

Buying/selling applications

The main aim of such apps is clear even in case of reading of a name of that group. One of the best examples of such applications could be namely Zillow. These applications allow you to look for the houses in various districts, contact with the dealers and arrange negotiations with them. One of the most distinguishing features of these apps could be an opportunity to avoid the presence of adventurers and be sure, that you are dealing with a real person and is going to buy a real house or apartment. Furthermore, such applications are the main competitors of the real-estate agencies and brokers.

Mapping Applications

These applications are a bit simpler than the first one. It is so because of the fact, that it is not a database of advertisements with the phone numbers of the dealers and the detailed information about the houses. That app allows you to sort out the houses you are willing to buy in a certain district according to your tastes with the usage of an advanced search engine. An app is showing you the pop-up notifications on the maps with the links to other resources, where you can see all of the needed information yourself, with photos, contact information, and various descriptions.

Mortgage extensions

After the collapse of 2008, it is pretty hard to believe, that mortgages are still having almost the same level of popularity like 9 years ago. Due to this, people are making business on that. As you may know, the arrangement of the mortgage calculations is not the easiest thing in the world. So, there may be a great need for the usage of a special helper that may allow you to hold all the operations properly and quickly enough. That help would be namely the calculator. These apps are pretty complicated ones in using and creating as well. However, if you have a bit of practice you may be able to operate with them quickly and efficiently.


Frankly speaking, that question is not really correct. If you have an only one developer it is already a terrible mistake. Real estate mobile app development could not be organized only by a one person; it is a team of the experienced developers, who are the experts in their own fields and areas. A classical team has to consist of:

  • Project Manager;
  • QA Engineer;
  • Mobile Developer;
  • Backend Developer;
  • Designer.

That is a typical middle-sized team for a successful development of a real-estate application. For sure, sometimes it is better to hire a real estate app development company, but in case if you consider yourself as a good and experienced boss you may hire a team yourself, basing on random experts.


How to develop a real estate app like zillow? - 2

At that point, we have already got close to the idea of the real estate app development cost. I believe that it is quite obvious for the readers, that the prices of the creation of an application like Zillow in the USA, Canada, UK or Australia will cost a pretty big sum of money. For instance, an approximate price per an hour of coding in this state may range from $75 to $120 per an hour. You may agree that it is not the most acceptable variant in case if you do not have a great financial support. However, there is an opportunity to use the brains of the Indian and Malaya developers. For instance, in these states, the developmental costs may fluctuate from $20 per an hour to $80 pr an hour. In case if we are making several simple calculations while having 600 hours as an entire time needed for a successful developmental process, we may get a sum, which equals $30.000. That is pretty good, comparing to those prices, which we can get in case of the operations with the Western prices. So, I hope that it is not really important to say, that the development of an app is better to launch in Asia. Despite the fact, that India, as well as entire Asia itself, is pretty cheap in programming and app support, is not the safest place for the arrangement of an extension. That is so, because of the poor security measure, which layer acts as a foundation for cyberpiracy, data stealing, and hacking. Due to this, I am willing to claim, that Artjoker may be a pretty nice company in case if you are willing to arrange an application with low prices and safe measurements. By the way, Artjoker is also a team of the programmers, who are able to cater all the tastes of the customers, who require various services.


All in all, I hope that the creation of a good real-estate application is not going to become a big problem for you because of an instruction presented here. Anyway, we tried to give just a very basic and brief explanation of the whole idea of a real estate application, which you may be able to design. So, I hope that an article and those advises presented here were pretty helpful for you and may become a proper foundation for your future projects.

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