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A Ukrainian personnel portal, the only one in Ukraine, created by professionals in personnel selection and management, combining the online job search portal with offline personnel recruitment agency. It is a part of the largest international alliance, Kestria, providing the opportunity to find personnel in more than 47 countries worldwide.

On grc.ua, professionals and prospective specialists of all levels place their resumes and find employment opportunities. On the job portal grc.ua, more than 60,000 employers post over 20,000 job vacancies daily. Currently, 1,707,303 specialists looking for jobs have posted their resumes.

Services provided by the company:

  • Recruiting (access to the resume database, posting job vacancies in 28 sectors).
  • Employer brand promotion.
  • HR research.
  • Executive Search (a member of the international association IRC Global Executive Search Partners).
  • Outplacement.
  • Salary level research.

Business Challenges:

The need to create a copy of the existing platform using new technologies and ensure data migration from the old system to the new one:

  • The requirement for a platform that is an exact copy of the existing one with all data and functionalities.
  • The need for team flexibility – the ability to quickly add developers as needed to meet deadlines.
  • Placing a part of the team on the client's side, which required the establishment of effective communication and a unified delivery process for all.
  • Data transfer from the existing platform.
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Our Solutions:

  • Providing support for project launch and maintenance.
  • Configuring the CI/CD process and defining rules for team collaboration.
  • Developing a microservices architecture and designing the database.
  • Forming a dedicated team with a Delivery Manager to build the delivery process.
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  • Deployed the Traefik service to ensure HTTP traffic routing and obtain an SSL certificate.
  • Deployed the Elasticsearch service for data indexing.
  • Deployed the RabbitMQ service for message exchange between services based on the AMQP standard and queue management.
  • Deployed the Exchange Migrations service for the migration of all APIs.
  • Deployed the Exchange cron service for currency exchange rate updates and message delivery.
  • Deployed the Exchange auth service for transmitting data after user registration or password change.
  • Created the Cabinet service for regular users.
  • Created the Cabinet-employer service for employer users.
  • Created the Catalog service for job listings.
  • Created the Resume service for resume listings.
  • Established separate databases for each service with a shared database structure.
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Head of Business Development

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