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UX/UI design

Trendy and functional design for landings, websites, applications from various fields, from a beauty salon to a cashback service.
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An online store, a beauty salon and any online business needs a visual design that reflects the project itself and corresponds to its idea. Good design improves the user experience, which drives business growth. In ARTJOKER, you can order the development of a website design, web application, landing page or the development of a logo, campaign identity.

We create a design from scratch or conduct a ux/ui audit of an existing product for subsequent redesign. We create a prototype and coordinate the design development with the customer, work transparently and make a turnkey project. For 15 years we have drawn thousands of interfaces and we know how to create an intuitive design for mobile and desktop platforms. Before ordering a web design, you can see examples in our portfolio and make sure of our competence.

UX/UI дизайн

Technologies we work with

During the development of online store, we work with project requirements

  • The main task when creating a site is setting the goals and objectives of the resource, based on this, the terms of reference are set.

  • There is a development of the environment for the needs of a particular project.

  • Creation of design and its combination with functionality.

  • Filling the resource with content.

  • Placement of the site on the hosting, output to the light.

  • Permanent technical support of the site.


Documents you get

As a result of our work, you get documents that describe your project requirements and tech aspects of the development.

Feature breakdown list

You got a list of features and their descriptions. The feature breakdown list contains user stories that explain each feature from an end-user perspective. Based on FBL, we can create a rough estimation and specification.

Flow chart

Flow chart stands for a schematic diagram that shows how users would navigate through the screens. We match the flow chart with the feature breakdown list.

Activity diagram

The activity diagram shows the dynamic aspects of the system. Simply saying, it’s an advanced version of the flow chart that shows the flow from one activity to another.

Rough estimation

The rough estimation is based on the feature breakdown list. It’s a document with a minimum and maximum time to develop the necessary features.

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Ask our managers anything you want to know about software development, and they’ll answer your question within 2 hours.
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