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The mobile application is an interactive guide to German sights in Ukraine. It includes descriptions and audio guides in German and Ukrainian.

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Business challenges:

To develop a user-friendly mobile application that would include a custom audio player, an animated map, and fast work with a large amount of route data.

Our solution:

  • We chose the cross-platform React Native framework to implement this project, which allowed us to speed up the timeline and minimize the application budget
  • We integrated with Google Maps, optimized the work of existing RN libraries, which allowed us to make smoother animation on the map with a large number of markers
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  • Interactive map with routes and points of interest
  • Audio player with the ability to listen to information on each of the objects
  • Video guides
  • Settings with the ability to select the language and city
  • Geolocation service with the ability to track your route on the map.
  • Automatic detection of the user's geolocation
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