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Best Programming Language for Mobile App Development

As has been said a gazillion of times this is the era of Mobile. “Be mobile” you can hear from everywhere: on the conferences, hiring a web or app programming firms or even marketing specialists. Everyone knows, from entrepreneurs to app developers, that to be up-to-date you have to develop an app. Our article is mostly written for developers and here we will review the best ones to be used while developing an app. So, what is the best programming language for mobile apps?

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Having decided to become a programming an app developer you may quickly become confused by the huge amount of existing mobile app development languages. When you will start You may even quiz yourself with a question: “What language to learn for app development?”

There are three main languages for app development either for iOS or Android, and they are considered the best among all the developers. E.g., Java. They have different characteristics, so, at the end, you will choose the best FOR YOU.

Language for Mobile App

List of the best app development languages

1 Java

The best programming language for android application development will definitely be Java. It is estimated that more than 9 million developers use Java. This language is widely used for Android app development. One of the distinguishing features of Java is its versatility. Being compiled, the language can work in two different ways: either in a browser window, or run in a virtual machine that does not require a browser to work. This flexibility plays an important role when it comes to reusing code and updating software.  It is one of the best mobile app programming languages if you are looking for a coding language with the powerful potential.

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Main features of Java mobile apps development language:

  • Open Source libraries
  • Runs mostly on all platforms
  • Best programming language for apps owing to its powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environments) that gives clear suggestions and explanations, and reduces errors.
  • It is easy to read and learn
  • Rich APIs with tools for any imaginable task.
  • Strong Community Support
  • Object-Oriented Language

With the help of this app programming language you can create any type of application: from educational to sign language app for android.

2 Swift

iOS apps are usually written in Objective C languages. Swift is the best language for iPhone apps as it is released by Apple as their own programming language for OS X and IOS. Swift has been designed not only for providing the best conditions for OS X and iOS app development, but orientation on simplicity makes this language easier to learn. Swift would rival Objective C in a few areas: type safety, better on-hardware performance and security. This is the best programming language for app development for you if you are seeking for a job as it can make you an in-demand specialist in iOS app development.

Main features of Swift iOS programming language:

  • Compatible only with OS X and iOS
    • “Sugar” syntax allows for simplified code that reduces errors and is easier to read
    • It is the future of Apple's development framework
    • Easy to maintain and extend with Dynamic Libraries
    • Simplified form of Objective C language

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3 Javascript & HTML5

Don't know what is the best programming language for iOS and Android apps? Javascript and HTML5 is the answer. You cannot make apps with HTML as it is a markup that is used to render web pages, but you may combine HTML and Javascript to develop both Web and Mobile apps. HTML5 application development is preferable when building native apps because you have to code an app at the beginning and then bundle it in different ways for all types of devices. The combination of this mobile programming languages can help you with excellent results.

Main features of Javascript and HTML5 programming languages for mobile apps:

  • Offline caching which allows access to certain element in the offline mode
    • What programming language is used for iOS and android apps – a combination of Javascript and HTML5.
    • Responsive design to display correctly across all types of devices
    • Can be used for Web pages and apps
    • Device agnostic

Programming Language for Mobile

4 С++

In order to penetrate more thoroughly into the depth of Android or Windows, you will need skills in working with the C ++ app language. Being object-oriented, it can be used to develop applications for almost any purpose and on any existing platform, provides modularity, separate compilation, exception handling, data abstraction, virtual functions. C ++ can not be called an ultramodern programming language for apps, as it has gone a long way of development and there are many implementations of it, both free and commercial and for various platforms. One of the most important advantages of C ++ is that it combines the properties of both high-level and low-level languages.

Main features of C++ best programming language for apps:

  • High compatibility with C language;
  • Computing performance;
  • Support for various programming styles: structural, object-oriented, general programming, functional programming, generating metaprogramming;
  • Automatically calling object destructors simplifies and increases the reliability of memory and other resources management;
  • Operator overloading;
  • Templates (enable the construction of generalized containers and algorithms for different types of data);
  • Availability.

5 С#

In the Microsoft ecosystem, the C# language plays among other mobile app coding languages the same role as the Objective-C for Apple: in fact, C# is a C language add-in that directly manages the working environment. The Windows Mobile platform was never able to occupy the mobile market corresponding to its creator status, but there is no doubt that this mobile app language has an appeal for software developers on at least several platforms. If your fleet of mobile devices runs on Windows, then when choosing the programming languages used, you should also rely on C #.

Main features of C# one of the best mobile application development languages:

  • Extensibility of the system (in C# you can safely load any exe, import classes and objects from other programs);
  • Cross-platforming (mono, NET concept);
  • The complexity of development and maintenance (selection of personnel, readability of code, documentation of the language);
  • Security and version of the plug-in algorithms (NET concept);
  • Work speed etc.

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In conclusion

So, which one of the best languages for app development   to choose? Obviously the one that best suits your needs. If you want to make a native application for iOS - the choice is clear: Objective-C or Swift programming language for mobile app development. If you want to create an application with a browser front-end, then for this, there are enough examples on the Web that will help to do this. Of course, you need to take into account the experience of your programmers, the needs of your customers and the budget of the project  and, remember,  if you are an entrepreneur who wants to widen his audience and increase profit, it is better to entrust all this to developers and coordinate their choice according to the knowledge you have got from our article.

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