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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

How to Hire a Remote Development Team?


How to Hire a Remote Development Team?

With the modern rapid development of the cyber industry it is becoming more and more important for lots of entrepreneurs to look for better and much more higher educated specialists, who will be able to work on the project with more efficient and better results. However, not all of those businessmen, who are interested in the creation of their own web resources and applications have an opportunity to rent the office and hire a full-time workers on regular basis, what makes the issue of hiring a remote developmental team their top-priority. However, remote team building is a pretty complicated thing and not all the managers are able to make the right decision, while facing that problem. That is why it seems pretty vital to understand all the nuances of that process and know, where to look for specialists and what are those most important facts, that they have to take into consideration. Thus, in that article I am willing to give you several tips, that play the most essential role in the process of hiring a remote development team. I believe, that it is also vital to manage, that that particular process is a pretty complicated and long-going task, but not impossible in case if you are following all the top rules.

Top 5 rules to follow to hire remote developers

In that big paragraph I am willing to give you those top 5 the most essential tips to follow in order to be successful in finding the remote mobile development team, which will be no less successful and productive in the building of your project. To be honest it seems to be suitable to start with the very primary point of looking for people.

1. Who do you need?

While seeking for remote mobile app developers, the most basic thing you have to consider is to have a clear answer on the question “Who do I need?”. It may be obvious, that in such a situation you are looking for programmers, managers and designers. Yes, it is true, but not all of the beginning businessmen are able to sort out priorities in the right way, because of the lack of the pure experience, so, if you belong to this group it will be really suitable for you to read that paragraph carefully.

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Hire the Best App Developers

First of all, you have to look for right people, not for random ones in case if you are really interested in the successful evolution of your project and you actual idea. Because of it you must take into consideration a pretty important thing of testing those people, applying for an existing vacancy. Because of that, you ought to be cunning enough in order to be successful. Hiring of a specialist starts from the moment, when you post an article about it on a job web-site. You have to do it not in a way, which will make the life of a potential worker easier, do not write the requirements in an easy manner, otherwise, write a big and ugly text, describing all the nuances in the most precise manner. In case if a person looking for a job is really willing to get it, he or she will read the entire text, what already is a sign, that such a person may be someone, who you are looking for. Furthermore, add several question in the middle of the text, while asking the recruiting person to answer them in their response. You may ask even two questions. The first one is pretty trivial, such as “Why do you want that job?”, but another one should be pretty minor, but in the same time important for you, as for an employer. Ask him or her, for instance, “When was the agency in which they are willing to work was formed?”. In case, if the person will consider such a simple request seriously and will look for your web-site and take that information there and then writing it down in the letter, that already increases the possibility, that such a person is who you need. However, these tricks are only the very first and elementary tasks on your way towards a successful interviewing to hire remote developers.

2. Create score cards

While building a development team or even any other team it is also important to understand to know, what directly do you want from your future worker. So, because of it, the best decision may be to write down special score cards. What are they? That is actually a list of those qualities you are willing to see in a person you are hiring, but you are also giving a grade to each of it. Let me explain that point in a more clear manner. First of all, as I said, ame a list of qualities. Then, create your own grading system, for example, from 1 to 8 and after that put a minimum grade needed next to each quality. During the interview you will give these special grades for each of the person’s quality and then, after surveying all the candidates you will look for the best one according to these grades. This tactics is highly popular in lots of companies all over the world and allows you to evaluate the person in a pretty precise, exact and cold blooded manner. Furthermore, it makes the final process of making a judgement much more organized.

3. Competency-based questions

Such point is pretty small but no less important, than any other. You have to remember, that such questions are vital in order to understand the background of your candidate. For instance, you can ask him a lot of questions about his previous experience of working in other companies and those problems, which he or she has faced then. Moreover, you do not have to forget to ask about those approaches the candidate used in order to deal with the problem. For instance, such strategy is widely used not olso in the companies, but also within the student-exchange programmes.

4. Interview itself

So, here we already came closer to the question of interviewing, while gathering a remote entrusting service for your project. The very first point here is that you do not have an office, where you can actually meet a person. Moreover, if you are creating a remote team, do not forget, that there is also a possibility of the fact, that the person is leaving abroad, so you will not be able to meet with him or her even in your city. Because of it, you have to remember, that the usage of email for asking questions is the best choice, due to the fact, that here you usually do not have an opportunity to notice the behaviour of the person, who you are talking to, see his emotions or hear his voice. So, always use Skype or phone calls, which will allow you to talk with a person in real time and without any obstacles.

After the conversation itself, in case if it was for sure successful, do not hesitate to give your partner a small 2-4 hours test, which will allow you to see not only his technical and professional skills, but also to evaluate the level of his psychological and personal features, which you may or not like.

find the Best App Developers

5. Where to look for remote developers?

While talking about the place, where to look for those people and specialists, who will be able to develop and maintain your project according to the given tasks and objects, we may think about a great variety of various resources available in the Internet. However, not all of them are equally reliable and ready to satisfy all your needs and demands, that is why, I would like to give you a small list of those websites, which has the most outstanding and proper reputation.

  • Linkedin. I consider, that the majority of you, who are reading that article have thought about that resource firstly, and that is not strange and really good. That social network became one of the most widespreaded and known resource for the search of workers and employees all over the world. Thanks for those people, who are posting there their CVs and most essential data in order to allow the employers to observe those, who they really need. One of the most essential positive features of that resource are its popularity and a huge amount of those, who have a profile there and also an ability of the user to search for the workers all over the world, what is obviously highly positive in case if you are collecting a remote development team.

  • Upwork. This resource is the most popular website, which allows you to look for the freelancers of any specializations and from any field of work all over the world. In case if you are willing to hire a proper team of professionals, Upwork is definitely what you need. Today, there are several million accounts of those people, willing to work on any project. There you can find all those you need, from a developer to a team manager or designer. So, using Upwork you will not make a mistake, while recruiting a professional.

  • Stack Overflow. It is another resource, which is pretty similar to the mentioned earlier upwork. Despite of the fact, that it is smaller, it is no less popular. Unlike Upwork, Stack Overflow is predominantly oriented on the search of the IT specialists, what makes the search range much smaller and, as a result, easier, so you are able to find those, who you need much faster and maybe in a more efficient way.

Advantages of a remote development team

Nowadays not all the entrepreneurs understand, what are actually those advantages of a remote development team, so, I would like to give a brief explanation of those aspects, which are the most beneficial for a project in case if you are willing to create a remote development team project.

1) Higher productivity. To be honest, as for me, that type of work is one of the most productive in the field of cyber development. For example, when you are working from your home directly you do not have those strict time regulations, which you have in office, such as an obligation to get up early in the morning and going to the firm in order to start working at 9am. Otherwise, you can sleep longer, as a result, feel yourself better and work without any strict rules and discipline.

2) Lower expenditures. Actually, that point may be the most beneficial for you as for a head of the project, due to the fact, that when you have an office, you usually pay money for using it. But in case if your workers fulfill their duties from home, you do not have to lose money for minor stuffs.

3) Better conditions. You may agree, that in case if you are working at home, the whole atmosphere is much more comfortable and much more cozy for you, than in the office, so, as a result you may have a better mood and consequently better job results.

4) Workers also have a private life. It is obvious, that every person has his or her private life, families, duties and problems. Because of it, it would be much batter to allow them to deal with these issues in a much easier manner, when they are not oppressed with a strict time management. As a result, if people would be able to manage their private lives in a much easier manner, they would be more willing to work in case if they know that you, as a director, have a loyal attitude to such questions. For sure, it is really good to hire very lonely professionals in case if you are willing to create something really good, but unfortunately not all of people in the world have such a lifestyle.

Hire Remote Develops

Additional features of the remote team development

To be honest there are also several other essential tips, which may make working with a remote development team much easier and more simple. So, I would like to present you several extra rules, which will play a pretty important role in the future development of your project and, especially will help you in hiring a proper team.

First of all, remember, that while hiring a person and while examining him or her according to those principles, which you have developed in the very beginning of the recruiting process it would be really suitable to remember to collect all the essential information about that person and store it somewhere in a protected place, what will allow you to know all the essential materials and be sure in, who are you actually dealing with.

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Secondly, while looking for your future workers you also need to pay attention on the fact, where are these people from. No, I am not talking about the prejudices and stereotypes, I consider only money. Their nationality matters only because of the fact, that in different areas of the world people are looking for different wages. Due to this fact the most desirable places may be Asia or South America. For instance, in India, China and Philippines the average wage for an hour of work on the field of cyber development fluctuate between $10 and $70. While in South America, in Brazil or Chile the desired wages are located in the region between $25 per an hour and $100 per an hour. You may agree, that it is better, than in the USA or Australia, where an common price for such work is $140 per an hour. However, in case if you are looking for a really fast developmental processes and a proper level of security, it seems, that it is pretty complicated to find something better, than Artjoker. That is a company, which  may be able to allow the programmers to implement any demands and look for  any possible services. However, you may be deeply convinced in a proper level of the final work of the company and those people, who are responsible for a proper result.

Lastly, it is also vital to use different project management softwares. It is vital because of the fact, that in case if you have a remote team of freelancers management of all of them is a pretty complicated task, while such programmes and similar equipment may help you to control their key tasks, time and even finances. Moreover, it is also highly important to have strict and exacts objects for your employees, so, they will know from what to what are they going.

Final Word

All in all, I tried to give you the list of those most important and vital tips on the arrangement of a remote development team. Moreover, I would like to make an emphasis on the fact, that nowadays remote programming teams may bring your more revenues, while saving your money and even time. So, do not be afraid of making such decisions in order to make the process of app or web building easier and more simple.

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