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5 Ways to Find and Hire the Best App Developers

If you are looking for an answer to “how to find an app developer or development company”, mind that there are a lot of nuances you should take into account and peculiarities to search for. Most people who are nurturing a plan of app development don't even know what to do first and what criteria to take into consideration while searching for the best app developers.

Try not to be fooled

In the era of advanced IT technologies, almost all the developers consider themselves very professional. But as a matter of fact, they are those who are trying to pretend to be, so follow all the instructions and always double-check everything so that you do not swallow the bait. So, you will find the answer to the question “How to find a mobile app developer?” in this article.


Steps to finding the perfect app developers

1 Location

The most well-known countries of app development are the UK, North America, Ukraine, and India. There is no doubt that you have heard about all of those. Let's learn more about each and where you can find a mobile app developer.

It is known that almost all the leading IT companies are located and headquartered in the USA (I'm sure that Silicon Valley isn't something unknown to you and you know what it does mean), and North America accounts for more (!) than half of the supply of IT in the whole world. Besides, according to research, North America is considered the third largest continent by the number of app developers for hire, after Europe and Asia.

As for Europe, two cities, London and Berlin, are struggling for the name,the European IT mecca. London makes one-third of the total revenues from mobile software in the whole of Europe.

When it comes to outsourcing, India certainly comes to mind. In India, business is concentrated in IT clusters. There are about 300k app developers, so it is not so difficult to find an app developer there.

Ukrainian developers get frequently employed by individual entrepreneurs or companies from developed countries, like Canada, USA, UK, and Western Europe, owing to their low rates and high level of provided services.

Hire the Best App Developers

2 Hiring platforms

Those people asking “how to find an app developer” in most cases start searching within freelance websites where it is possible to check a profile of a candidate company, a list of clients, their preferences, and projects.

List of the most popular freelance websites :

  • Upwork(former Elance and oDesk) – is the best website to find an app developer as there are 8 million registered specialists or entrepreneurs. This resource offers you both fixed and hourly price jobs. It uses a time-tracking tool as a prerequisite for a guaranteed payment.
  • Guru Guru displays a freelancer's profile, portfolio, which includes reviews and other markers of his qualification,etc.
  • How to find app developers? Freelancer is the answer. It is the world's largest outsourcing marketplace that offers project-based jobs, contests, with hourly and fixed prices.

3 Form a list of Candidates

When it is about hiring somebody, don't be in a hurry with your choice, I' m sure that when looking for “how to find developers”, you don't mean they will be cheap or expensive, old or young,etc.; you mean you want a qualified and competent contractor who will convert your ideas into reality. Weigh all pros and cons, study all the case studies and only then make your choice.

find the Best App Developers


4 Interview

So, how to find mobile app developers? I mean the best one from your list? Ask them several questions connected with their proficiency and the process of development. Here are the main ones:

  • Where to find examples of mobile apps you've developed?
  • How can you guarantee the quality of your development effort?
  • May you provide me with a list of your previous and current clients?
  • How will the app development process run

5 Hiring

Choose and hire the best!

In conclusion

Hope this article will help you find the best app developers and your app will be successful.

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