Hire Ethereum Developers: Everything You Need to Know

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to hire remote Ethereum developers successfully. Professional Ethereum engineers with the necessary set of knowledge and experience can implement any of your ideas, the main thing is to be able to find highly qualified specialists and distinguish them from beginners. You will learn what abilities Ethereum developers must have to successfully implement your project, where to find them, and how to hire them.

What Types of Products Should You Hire Ethereum Developers For?

Presently, many companies are trying to hire Ethereum developer. The number of companies prioritizing the Ethereum platform is increasing all the time because it saves time and money, provides a paperless method of record keeping and confidentiality of data 😎. The Ethereum platform is popular and has numerous advantages, companies are getting creative and finding different ways to use Ethereum in many industries.

Logistics Apps

Logistics applications based on Ethereum would help protect consumers from counterfeit goods because it would be possible to verify their authenticity using a blockchain. Managers will be able to track goods at all stages of the supply chain in real time. To properly and quickly develop a logistics application, you need to hire Ethereum smart contract developer.

Hire Ethereum Developers: Everything You Need to Know

Healthcare Apps

The implementation of Ethereum will improve the sharing, storage, and tracking of information. With Ethereum-based Healthcare Apps, patients will be able to regulate different users' access to their electronic medical records, doctors will be able to better track patients' medical devices, and pharmaceutical companies will be able to better manage their products.

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Real Estate Apps

Hiring an experienced and certified Ethereum blockchain developer allows you to optimize document processing, improve accounting and simplify transactions. Real Estate Apps based on Ethereum will replace paper documents on land with digital assets. Manage, buy, sell and conduct other real estate transactions in real time.

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What Skills Does an Ethereum Developer Need?

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain platform, which provides specialists with many career options and many high-paying jobs. If you want to hire Ethereum software developer who will successfully complete your project and realize his career aspirations, you need to know what kind of skills he must have.

Knowledge of Cryptography

Cryptography is essential for Ethereum development, underlying secure public distribution and providing enhanced security. Knowing cryptography, how it works, what it can do, and how to use it in practice is a key skill for Ethereum developers.

Programming Knowledge

Knowledge of programming is an important skill for anyone applying for a job as an Ethereum blockchain developer to be able to develop solutions based on this platform. The most popular programming language in the Ethereum ecosystem is Solidity. Other significant programming languages for full-stack Ethereum developers are: Python, JavaScript, Java, and C++.

Fluency in Blockchain Fundamentals

To become a successful and qualified Ethereum developer, a programmer needs to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how blockchain works. An engineer needs to know the basics of blockchain operation and use case, understand consensus algorithms, sharding, token standards, gas, transactions, smart contracts and other basics.

Where to Find Ethereum Developers?

Finding a highly skilled Ethereum developer is difficult. We will share with you the best ways to hire Ethereum engineers to develop your blockchain solution. There are many flexible and efficient markets and services where you can hire experienced Ethereum engineers, programmers, and architects who will successfully implement all the requirements and needs of your project.

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Job sites

To attract qualified Ethereum programmers, you can use job postings on message sites. In addition to posting jobs, you will need to search for candidates manually in databases, advertise ads, and convince professionals to join you.

Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting agencies act as effective partners and help companies find qualified and talented Ethereum developers. Many firms face the problem of finding the right experienced programmers, the high demand only exacerbates the situation. If you are having trouble finding specialists, you can turn to recruiting firms that will provide you with the right staffing solutions.

Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing is a management tool, which is the transfer of secondary business processes of Ethereum development to a contracting organization. A contractor in Ethereum solution development performs the same functions as his counterpart in the form of a full-time enterprise specialist, but as a specialist in his field, he does it in a better way.


Many companies prefer freelance Ethereum developers because of cost optimization. Reducing the number of full-time employees saves money on rent, insurance, and salaries 🧐. If you want to find Ethereum developers, you can do this on freelance platforms. However, not all employers have enough capital to hire freelancers for freelancers, cooperation with third-party employees can be risky due to failure to meet deadlines, poor workmanship, or disappearance of the employee. To make an objective decision, you need to know the pros and cons of working with freelancers.

Pros of hiring an Ethereum freelancer

  • Freelance programmers work individually and charge only for their work, the cost of hiring such performers is usually lower than signing a contract with an agency.
  • The quality of Ethereum freelance engineers' work is high because they choose the work based on their experience. They are not inclined to accept work that they do not understand or do not have the relevant skills to perform such work.
  • Freelance developers can often do more work than originally agreed upon, so they are more flexible.

Cons of hiring an Ethereum freelancer

  • Freelance Ethereum developers have no formal work structure, and if they are not contracted, they can disappear in the middle of the work process.
  • There is a risk that the freelance programmer misunderstands the task or loses motivation, and as a result, he may fail to meet deadlines or refuse the task altogether.
  • The quality of the work, as well as the length of the working day, does not have any guarantees.
  • Moreover, a freelance engineer can get access to corporate information and break confidentiality.

When to hire a freelance Ethereum developer?

It makes sense to use the services of freelance Ethereum programmers when you need to quickly perform a one-time task. In the case when you are short of workers and full-time employees miss deadlines, you can delegate some of your tasks to freelance Ethereum developers. You can also hire freelancers if you want to launch a low-budget startup because paying a freelancer is a less expensive option than paying a part-time or full-time employee.

Talent Platforms

Most experienced and certified Ethereum developers for hire have industry talent and can be found on the talent platforms. By using the talent marketplace and its artificial intelligence capabilities to find and hire employees, you'll increase your chances of finding a highly qualified Ethereum programmer quickly. In talent markets, you will have access to hiring highly qualified candidates, and you will be able to take full advantage of their expertise in your Ethereum projects.

Employ In-house Ethereum Developers

Many company managers are faced with the question: is it worth hiring in-house Ethereum developers? This idea has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in this section. You will get valuable advice about in-house Ethereum programmers and will be able to make the right decision.

Advantages of hiring in-house Ethereum developers:

  • In-house programmers specialize in working with their product, know all of its intricacies and aspects of work, so they will be able to perform tasks much faster.
  • If the product needs to be constantly changed or amended, the in-house programmers will handle it better because they know all of its features.

Disadvantages of hiring in-house Ethereum developers

  • You will have to pay a salary, which must be paid every month, regardless of the workload and availability of tasks.
  • The costs of maintaining the workplace: equipment, technical equipment, desks, chairs, electricity, utilities, cleaning of the workplace. It is also worth forgetting about the costs associated with vacations, holidays, sick leave, bonuses, accounting services, tax contributions and insurance.
  • A really first-class Ethereum programmer, who wants to develop, will not go for a permanent, monotonous work on one project and stack.

When to employ an in-house Ethereum developer?

Hiring in-house Ethereum developers will be beneficial for the development of a complex product that the company will be developing for many years and will constantly need help to maintain the product after its release. You should hire in-house Ethereum engineers if you have many tasks and can keep them busy for all 8 hours. If your company has few tasks, you are likely to pay a salary for imitation work activities.

Hire a Dedicated Ethereum Development Team

If you want to hire dedicated Ethereum developers, you need to understand that it is a compromise and not always the best way to develop your product. If you can't find developers or if building your own team is an expensive business approach, hiring a dedicated development team can be a great way out.

Advantages of cooperating with a dedicated Ethereum development team

  • One of the main advantages of the dedicated team model is cost savings. It is cheaper to hire a dedicated team than to assemble a team yourself because assembling a team can be a time-consuming process.
  • An undoubted and significant advantage of the dedicated team model is the focused approach. You get full control over the selection, motivation, and management of dedicated team members.

Disadvantages of cooperating with a dedicated Ethereum development team

  • Using the dedicated Ethereum development team model has low efficiency for short-term projects. This model is effective only when applied to long-term projects.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to take care of knowledge transfer in advance and allocate resources for project documentation to reduce dependence on the vendor. It is also the customer's concern to ensure that the team is fully utilized, as downtime is billed.

When to hire a dedicated Ethereum development team

Hiring a dedicated Ethereum development team is worthwhile if you need to launch a project quickly, but you don't have a team of developers at all. Or if your in-house specialists are not competent enough to develop a solution on the Ethereum platform, and you don't have time to find every single engineer. It only takes a few weeks to hire a dedicated Ethereum team with the necessary skills and knowledge in blockchain development.

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How to Hire Ethereum Developers?

Hiring Ethereum specialists is a complicated process. Companies in a variety of industries are in an active race for blockchain talents, and the staffing shortage is growing daily 😲. We will give you some useful materials to help you when hiring highly skilled Ethereum developers.

Interview Questions to Ask an Ethereum Developer Before Hiring

  1. What are hash functions, and how are they used in Ethereum?
  2. What do you need to do to create your own Ethereum network?
  3. What is better to use for short text, bytes32 or string, and why?
  4. Which framework for Ethereum development is most commonly used, and what features does it have?
  5. What are blockchain consensus algorithms, and why are they needed?
  6. What is the best programming language for creating smart contracts and decentralized applications?
  7. What does the term dApps mean, and what exactly is it?
  8. Do you know what consensus is used by the Ethereum platform?
  9. What are Ethereum blockchain wallets?
  10. What transaction parameter can be used to protect Ethereum from denial of service attacks?

Why to Hire Ethereum Developers at ARTJOKER?

  • Great Ethereum Expertise

Our Ethereum development team has extensive technical experience and in-depth knowledge of Ethereum development, to develop solutions in any industry. We are competent in all current technologies, and fully unlock their potential to create innovative, reliable and secure solutions. Our studio, which has extensive practical experience, is ready to implement both short-term and long-term projects for you.

  • Skilled In-House Ethereum Developers

Our certified In-House Ethereum developers with an agile mindset have in-depth experience in the blockchain space and are keenly aware of our clients' needs, so they try to maximize their business value. Our Ethereum engineers have already mastered all the latest technologies to be able to develop a project of any complexity for you and achieve the best results.

  • Strong Knowledge of Frameworks

By using frameworks, our development team improves the quality of the product and achieves a reduction of time-to-market. We use the latest technologies and methods to deliver all the tasks with quality. By using frameworks, we increase the speed of work, reduce the cost of product development and optimize the time costs.

  • High-Quality Technical Support

After the release of the project, we continue to work with you to provide technical support to solve any problems that arise and check the stability of the product. Our support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help customers with any problems that may arise. Our highly professional Ethereum support team will solve any problem you have in the shortest time possible.


Before hiring Ethereum developers, you need to determine what kind of team you need, what will be the scope of the project, what will be the business goals, and what kind of budget you have. Depending on this, you need to decide how you will hire blockchain programmers, whether it will be a whole team or several specialists, what tasks they will have to perform. Creating an Ethereum solution is a complex task that can only be accomplished by highly qualified specialists. It is important to hire experienced professionals with great expertise in Ethereum development so as not to be disappointed later.

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