How is it Done? The AIDA Principle in Email Copywriting

Alexander Gorodov
Alexander Gorodov Head of Marketing Department
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Today, let's talk about how you can improve the effectiveness of your email marketing by incorporating the AIDA model into the content of your mailings.

So, regarding email copywriting, AIDA looks like this:

  • A (Attention) - the subject of the letter should attract attention
  • I (Interest) - the content of the letter should warm up interest
  • D (Desire) - USP of the letter stimulates desire
  • A (Action) - calls to action lead to conversions

How is it Done? The AIDA Principle in Email Copywriting

Let's take a closer look at each of the components:


The first thing we need to do is to keep the letter open. After all, no matter how interesting the content is, a dull subject or a faceless sender will negate all our efforts.

Statistically, 64% of respondents will only open an email if the subject matter catches their fancy. And 47% will open an email if they know the sender.

This leads to two conclusions: be sure to introduce yourself and come up with "prickly" topics for your letters 🙂.

A cheat sheet for anyone thinking about what to call their letter:

  • The subject must be no more than 50 characters long
  • Mentioning a person's name in the thread lowers the Open rate
  • Use words of encouragement: "action", "discounts", "sale"
  • Get rid of the minus-words (want, share, buy, we, us, our)
  • Answer the reader's question, "Why should I open the letter?"
  • Add facts and figures

How is it Done? The AIDA Principle in Email Copywriting - 1


Now that the subscriber has opened our letter, it's important to make sure that he or she is interested in reading what we have written about 😉.

First, it's important to write a text that's targeted to our target audience. So when you read it, the person thinks "yes, it's about me", "yes, I thought of that too", "yes, that's exactly what I need". Write about the client and for the client.
Secondly, it is important to ensure that the text is easy to read. To do this:

  • structure the text into blocks
  • use images and other graphic elements (icons, for example)
  • design our text (fonts, paragraphs, bulleted lists, highlight the main thing)
  • edit the text several times (get rid of garbage)
  • add facts and figures to the text

How is it Done? The AIDA Principle in Email Copywriting - 2


The letter should have a unique selling proposition (even if you don't sell anything directly). It's what will motivate your readers to buy what you offer (or at least come to your site).

To stimulate desire, I recommend using a number of proven methods:

  • inspire confidence (people's faces, customer testimonials, emphasis on guarantees)
  • use the time trap (i.e., create the illusion that the offer is limited in time, and this chance must be used urgently)
  • create the effect of scarcity (to point out that the amount of goods is limited, so hurry up and buy)
  • play with price tags (for details, see "9 Ways to Make Prices More Attractive")
  • give something away for free

How is it Done? The AIDA Principle in Email Copywriting - 3


Now it is important to direct the reader to the desired action. To do this, it is important to use CTA buttons in the body of the email ("Buy", "Read", "Download", etc.). It's important that calls to action are noticeable and also encourage you to make a click (for this, you can use techniques such as emphasizing the urgency and re-emphasizing the benefits of your offer).

How is it Done? The AIDA Principle in Email Copywriting - 4

Content of the article


Any copywriter is interested in the maximum impact of his text on the audience. You can greatly increase the impact of the text if you put yourself in the place of the reader, write about what interests him, improve the readability of the text, choose the optimal size of the article. But if you want to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing, you need to know the AIDA model and work with it. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our social networks to keep up with all the latest news.

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