How to Сhoose Open Source Software for Your Project?

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Check Out some best open source softwares that can help many of your Project

These days the development of the cyber field of business is one of the fastest growing industries. That is not strange at all, that the majority of those, who are deeply interested in the contribution into that really interesting and potentially successful environment are looking for the opportunities to do so. However, despite of the fact, that lots of businessmen have an opportunity to launch their own projects from the very beginning to an end, there are also those, who do not have enough resources to achieve these goals. In that case, the most successful and pretty useful tool for them is going to become the usage of the open source libraries and software. For instance, nowadays, we could see a rapid increase in the number of open source applications upon different platforms. For instance, in Android we see 30.000 open source applications, while iOS apps rose up to the number 18.000. But, there are still lots of problems remaining. For example, people usually do not understand, what open source libraries actually are and what are those main techniques, thanks to which it becomes possible to operate with them. Moreover, there is also a confusion on the fact of the availability of such resources and which of them could be used directly for the evolvement of a project. So, in that article, I will give you those features, which mark a really good open source software, and also enlighten the best open source softwares, available today. However, let us first of all give a word over the whole term of the open source software in order to make it easier for them to orientate within this structures.

So, making a long story short, an open source software is a software, which makes it possible for a user to view, copy and edit the code. You may wonder, why I was talking about the open source software as about a key foundation for an application? The answer is simple, by copying a code of another application, you already have a done app, however, you have to edit it in a way you need. Moreover, there are also lots of other open source extensions, which act as one of the most useful addition plugins for your project.

What are the types of the softwares?

As I have already highlighted earlier there is so-called open source software, however, we have to understand, that there are also other different softwares, which act as an opposition of the open-source softwares. These, other libraries, are called proprietary softwares. The main difference of them from any open source library is the fact, that now you are not able to hold any manipulations with them due to an absolute secrecy of any data, which is related to an app.

How to Сhoose Open Source Software for Your Project?

There are, to be honest, lots of various examples of the softwares, which could meet all the demands from both categories. For instance, one of the most popular and famous proprietary softwares could be called Windows, Apple, WinRAR or App Store. It is so, due to the fact, that all of these representatives, act as almost 100% monopolists for the whole market and do not want to share it with others and are really willing to remain as one of the most powerful and successful players. However, despite of the fact, that form the very first perspective, such an approach seems to be one of the most reliable and successful ones, it is not always true. Moreover, sometimes it may even lead to different problems linked to maintenance and management of these softwares and similar libraries. But, we are going to discuss such an issue a bit later, while giving a word on the key advantages of open source software, which, to be honest are the main drawbacks of the proprietary approach.

How to Сhoose Open Source Software for Your Project? - 1

So, now, I would like to give a full explanation on the meaning of open source software term and show you a moderate list of open source softwares, which are one of the most popular nowadays. First of all, I would like to make an emphasis on the fact, that the whole meaning of an open source approach emerged with the development of a new alternative movement in the whole field of cyber development. It erected, when different groups of programmers came up with an idea, that it seems to be impossible any more to follow the old traditions of the pioneers of that business, and there is a great need in a more open and free market. One of the best example of the efficiency of such ideas could be Linux or Ubuntu. For sure, when they just emerged, people did not want to accept them and were not able to understand, that there is even a possibility of the existence of something better, than Windows. However, when they saw its clear advantages, Linux became one of the most popular key competitor for iOS and Windows. Other examples of open source software but Linux could be also Mozilla Firefox, Gnome or even Telegram. Moreover, there are also several features, which act as one of the most beneficial in that field. For instance, they are:

  • Adaptation of an app, according to our needs;
  • Elimination of all the errors without further problems;
  • Savings of time and money;
  • Fast and easy modification;

And, frankly speaking, these are not all the benefits of open source softwares. Others, we are going to examine, later, while giving a set of those points, which actually make a good open source software.

How to Сhoose Open Source Software for Your Project? - 2

Open source software, what makes it so good?

There are several pretty important points, which give us an opportunity to say, that the open source softwares are one of the best modern decisions for the whole world of cyber industry. So, here I would like to enlist all of them.

1. Quality and reliability

There are several strong and indisputable arguments, that may allow us to say, that open software is really good nowadays. For example, there is a clear technical supremacy of open source resource, comparing to those, which does not provide a full access for their users to the code of a program. Moreover, all of the open source softwares are really good organized, what makes the orientation within them really easy and simple. Besides, the open source engines and platforms are usually developed by a big group of programmers, what automatically makes it easier to deal with all the issues. Finally, thanks to a wide range of built-in debugging tools the operation upon the open source engine become really easy.

2. Security and stability

That feature is one of the most beneficial for the whole system of the existing open source programs and softwares. Security, to be honest is the strongest ots side. For instance, have you ever seen any viruses upon Linux? I think, no, because there none of them in the whole world. Moreover, even for the technologies of the 21st century the creation of a virus for Linux is impossible and could not be committed. The main reasons, why it is so, is the fact, that thanks to an open code, your programme could be under close and strict monitoring for 24 hours a day and 7 days per a week. Moreover, thanks to a full access you can vanish all of the errors and bugs really quickly. For example, it is not possible in case of the operation upon the closed code systems, where even the authorized users exist strikes restrictions for the entrance. Lastly, as I have already said there are no viral attacks and even in case of an existence of a similar problem all the security measures will help to deal with it.

3. Adaptivity

Another thing, which makes an open source application a good decision is the existence of a great level of adaptivity of an application. For instance, thanks to an open source application, you become able to control all of the inner flows within a system of your application and change all of the nuances according your needs and demands. For instance, within Linux, you can change the majority of setting without even the interference into the coding platform itself. Moreover, you are able to change the interface, colors, windows and even main calculating strategies. You can also alter the most fundamental characteristics in case of the usage of the code itself. To be honest, the level of adaptation identifies the level of quality of the creation of your own project, basing on that open source programme. Thus, as high is the adaptation, as high will be the quality of programming. However, it is absolutely clear, that any similar changes are impossible within a programme with a protected coding structure.

4. Cooperation and community

Another pretty good and important point for any open source programs is an existence of a strong community of supporters and followers. Thanks to that, the whole team of developers have an opportunity to evolve their product and make it better and better from time to time, what is actually highly beneficial for you, as one of the main consumers of their goods and as for one of the main users of their coding foundations.

How to Сhoose Open Source Software for Your Project? - 3

What are the useful open source programs?

There are several really popular softwares, used as the foundation for lots if the new products. They are, as I highlighted earlier, Linux, Telegram, Mozilla and others. However, there are several other softwares, which are pretty underestimated. One of them are:

  • Sliding Tutorial (JavaScript);
  • Moya (iOS);
  • Anime (JavaScript);

So, downstream, I will briefly describe all of them.

1. Sliding Tutorial

This particular open source software could be called the best from the entire list. I believe, you have seen for the numerous times that tutorial feature, which exists in lots of the popular applications. It is done in order to allow you to understand all of the features of a product before launching its actual usage. That function becomes possible thanks to the existence of that highlighted addition. However, that is not the only benefit of it. Sliding tutorial is one of the easiest open source extensions to install and operate with. Moreover, it possesses the lowest level of bugs and mistakes.

2. Moya

Moya is another really good and efficient open source extension. That extension helps you to create a good linkage between your application and the internet. For instance without the usage of Moya, all the data from an application to the internet was coming through a complicated and problematic way. For example, after exiting an application it was concentrating in the Network Layouts, then, transferred to Alamofire and only after that transited to the Internet. Moreover all the information was spreaded inequality and unsteadily. However, with Moya, the whole bunch of data is moving to Moya extension, then to Alamofire and finally to the internet. Throughout the whole operation all the data is represented as unified stack, what makes the whole process much easier and faster.

3. Anime

Despite of its simple name, Anime acts as one of the most efficient and useful open source platforms for the creation of the most complicated variations of animation for any possible Android applications and games. Thanks to a simple structure, it is really easy to find all of the needed features within an extension, readable and clear code allows us to correct and control all of the features, while fast speed of debugging makes the whole process faster and more efficient.

Content of the article


All in all, it is pretty complicated to choose the best open source software due to the great variety of features and functions available upon each of them. Furthermore, it is also sometimes really hard to find proper balance in all of the demands, opportunities and aims. However, in case of the existence of a proper informational base, you are already able to make a more or less balanced decision. So, I really hope, that this article played a pretty important role in the whole process of your search and gave enough answers for your quations.

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