How to create a mobile app for face recognition?

Vlad Pshenychka
Vlad Pshenychka
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Face recognition is a separate issue and needs some research: “face recognition is a sequence of problems that the machine will have to solve”

One should follow the innovations and modern trends to keep a business on the top. With the rising number of various IT tools and technologies, it is quite complicated to implement all the significant solutions to the work of your life. It is important to go web to attract new customers, it is necessary to go mobile to multiply their number. But what is the next step? What solutions can get you higher in ranks?

In this article, we will draw your attention to facial recognition technology. It has started its path not so long ago but plays an incredible role for lots of industries and businesses. Find out how to create a face detection app and enjoy the results.


First of all, let?s answer the very first question we face. What is facial recognition technology? This is the technology based on image analysis that extends functionality of the software greatly. Basically, the process consists of 5 key elements:

  • software detects the image provided,
  • alignment of the input,
  • extraction of the similar pictures from the database,
  • comparison of graphical objects to define if they match,
  • validation of the identity.

For example, let?s consider the facial recognition app that grants access to highly protected data. Users allow the software to detect their faces, the app processes the collected data, compares with stored images and allows or forbids access depending on if the identity was validated or not.

How to create a mobile app for face recognition?

The photo as a vector is compared to thousands of other images stored in a database. Particular features are identified to proceed with the comparison. Besides that, light and shadows can impact the image, so the software analyzes gradient components and demonstrates the result. This sort of software often implements neural networks to provide more precise and trustworthy results. This all sounds pretty complex, but in fact, a finished face detection app recognizes faces within seconds.


Tools for facial recognition have become so popular because of the extremely wide field of potential applications. Here you can take a look at the main purposes to use this type of software:

  • Building Better Relations

Stores and restaurants owners are starting to actively use mobile apps for face recognition. This allows building closer relations with customers, attract more of them and emphasize attention to each particular client.

  • Security Purposes

As we have mentioned above, you can use this type of software solution for improving the security. For example, popular face recognition apps for mobile platforms allow submitting the financial transaction by just showing a face to the camera.

  • General Safety

We can describe one more use case for the best facial recognition apps. The application can identify how the driver feels during a long road and perform wake-up calls from time to time to keep a person awake.

The list can continue with many other ways to use best facial recognition software in your business. Each industry, as well as every particular entrepreneur, can find it vital for business improvement.


You need something more than just an app to make the process run seamlessly. Systems like this require hardware assets. This means that you need cameras, servers and other powerful devices to make it all work. So let?s understand the basics of building a face detection app and what to start with.

1. Your Glorious Idea

The first step you need to take is to understand the concept completely, What would you like to create? Can you imagine the design precisely? Are you a tech-savvy person to be sure it is possible to realize your idea in practice? These and many other questions need to be answered correctly before you initiate the working process.

How to create a mobile app for face recognition? - 1

2. Beneficial Approach

Even if you have a qualified software engineer to consult with, you still need to know some basics and peculiarities of the process. You should know for sure what approach to implement to build a face recognition mobile app. The previous points would be useful here as you need to know for sure what the size of the project is and how much you are ready to spend on that. We can postulate that your each decision depends on one another, so it is crucial to draw extra attention to every choice you make.

  • Choose Native Face Detection API

In most cases, entrepreneurs that are interested in this topic strive to succeed in iOS or Android development. Those platforms have their own APIs to create an awesome app. Even though their functionality is limited, they can considerably reduce the cost of face recognition mobile app.

  • Consider OpenCV Tool

This library gathered millions of algorithms for image and numerical processing. This is a free and open source solution, but at the same time, it is quite hard to use. So some technical knowledge and development essences are required to make this tool work for your planned mobile solution.

  • Go to the Third-Party Solution

The market is full of various offers to make the development process smooth and highly convenient. Such a service as Cloud Vision API or the tools similar to Microsoft Azure Face API would be your assistants when building an app that runs on both mobile and web. Although you need to pay a certain fee for these services they are featured with amazing opportunities. They are able to recognize emotions, specific features, different objects, texts, and much more, so we can say they are worth their costs.

3. Detailed Plan of Actions

After you have built a detailed picture of the idea and shared it with your partners, it is time to define the next steps. Originally, you should answer top 4 questions to proceed with this task:

  • Do you have enough resources to start the processes?
  • Is your team qualified enough to get this job done?
  • Do you need someone to join your team?
  • Are you going to look for a remote team?

Respectively to your answers you can either write the documentation or get your app up and running, start recruitment process or opt for outsourcing services. Take a note that in case if you need somebody to empower your development team, outsourcing is the best and the cheapest choice. The whole IT market has its own rules that differ in various regions. But what is common for the USA or countries from Western Europe is that it is quite easier to build a cooperation with Ukrainian, Polish or Indian development companies than to try hard and make it all by yourself.

Content of the article


The Internet is full of free facial recognition software. Facebook finds you on photos and suggests tagging you on them, iPhone unlocks if you take a defined action, there are apps that may entertain you by changing your appearance, etc. The point is those technologies are around us. Your face is your key, your password, and your access to data.

We all have a great opportunity to use innovations for our business growth. So do not lose the chance! Find development partners to help you reach your goals and never make worry about the quality of the results.

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