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How to Develop a Social Media Network App?

Social apps have literally won most of our free time. It is absolutely senseless to deny the fact that most of us scroll the news feed of social networks while eating, before going to bed or if we have some spare time waiting for something or somebody. That's why a lot of developers want to create social network app and even have an interest in it, studying the peculiarities of target audience, analyzing what it really needs and trying to find and implement something different from other social networking apps.

How to develop a social networking app

If you don't know how to create a social network app, I will tell you that the development includes a three-tier architecture: database, backend and mobile client. I suggest beginning with the mobile client because features it includes define social networking apps for iphone and Android as a Social Network – feeds, profiles, connections.


Main features of Social networking app

1 User profiles

While creating social apps, try to concentrate your efforts on profiles. How do you build a social network app without them if they are at the core of a development? You can get app user details t from social networks when a user logs into it. You know time is priceless nowadays, so it will be better to create social app with social network integration so that a person can save it for more useful things and choose logging in with , for example, Facebook or LinkedIn, instead of writing a username, email and password. Besides, if you wonder how to make a social network app popular worldwide, then let people express themselves and customize their profile with unique photo effects, customizable bio, background colors, links to websites or blogs, etc.

Develop a Social Media

2 Feed

A feed is an engaging part of an app, so build social network app by creating the possibility of sharing interesting things, educational content or just feelings of one or another user. All the content within the app is likely to offer some interactions to retain and engage people. How to create a social media app without reviews, comments, ratings, likes, highlights and shares? No way! To attain success in this domain, it's better to take into consideration human psychology and follow all the rules of usability.

3 Connections

The best way to create a social networking app is to work out all the details, starting from smiles and ending with people's “connections”. There are 8 types of connections between people.

  • Content-based (connections based on sharing content)
  • Groups (personally, I can't imagine how anybody would create a social networking app without groups – the best place for sharing ideas)
  • Events (sending an invitation for one or another event can create connections between people)
  • Social networks (export your friend list, or invite your friends from other social networks)
  • Address book (how to make social networking app more sociable and interesting? Make an option to send invites to friends from your address book available)
  • SMS (with the message to download an app)
  • Search (extended search by sex, location, jobs, interests,; the same is implemented for the best social dating app)
  • Recommendations ( suggestions of new connections to people with the same interests and so on)

4 Messaging

Develop real-time chats so that your users can talk in private and create group conversations. This will make them come back again and again.

5 Backend

The first question of app development is how to build a social networking app? And the related one is “What kind of infrastructure would I need?” We suggest Ruby on Rails.


6 Database

There are a great variety of them but we suggest using MySQL. And this database is the best one when studying the question “how to make a social media app”, as it responds to all your needs. The first thing you should take into consideration while choosing the best is its expected query performance. It is great.

7 Administrative Panel

It is the most important part of the question “how to make a social networking app for android and iOS” as it helps you maintain user-administrator relationship.

In conclusion

To sum up, Social networking app development isn't that difficult, and this is not kind of a big deal as you can see. Don't worry and go ahead!

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