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How to Find an App Developer

Service industry has grown considerably for the last 10 years, but unfortunately, great quantity of representatives of such domain betray people's trust. More and more often people with broken trust try after fruitless attempts to find a mobile app developer who will not only be a competent one but will perfectly and timely complete his work. It's not a surprise for anyone that skilled and professional developers are really hard to come by. I am pretty sure that they should share the vision for your project to be considered as true professionals. Here are essential questions you should ask if you want to find app developers that are right for you.

Checklist for finding app developers

1 Personal networks

I don't know why but a lot of people begin forgetting about such a powerful channel for finding somebody or something like a word of mouth. I bet there are a lot of people among their siblings, friends or acquaintances who will be happy to help you find mobile app developers. Everyone has a strong network that can be used at anytime. And this is high time to use it to your benefit.

how to find app developers

2 Local universities and colleges

Universities and colleges are full of students who want to earn additional money and practice their skills. Why not give them an opportunity to turn a penny and develop a resource that will be added to their personal portfolio and do a favor to a person who needs this. This is one of the answers to the question where to find an app developer. It is better to find them through their professors. The main disadvantage of this source is that students should devote more time to classes and it requires more time for the development.

3 Freelance desks

There are plenty of websites that are full of freelancers that are in search of job. You just need to inquire “how to find an app developer” and the results won't make you wait! Choose any link you want. Here is the list of freelance desks that are very popular, useful and will help you find the best app developers.

  • Upwork is a new network for freelancers formed from former oDesk and Elance. Now there are more than 8 million individuals and this means that your chances of finding someone are very high.
  • How to find mobile app developers in no time? Freelancer – it is a project-based network with hourly and fixed prices.
  • Guru – is another freelance network with an easy and user-friendly design. There you can find developers of your taste.

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Summing up

Every day a lot of people are fooled by others with low-qualified service provisions. Be careful before hiring someone, presuppose all the risks and nuances so as not to loose trust once and always. Check the candidate very carefully and avoid asking how to find mobile app developers once more.

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