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How to Find an App Developer?

Alexander Prokopiev
Alexander Prokopiev CEO of ARTJOKER
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What is the best way to find app developers online? Whether you are a start-up or a company with a history, this may still be a time-consuming procedure. You will have to search for someone to become the backbone of your firm, using your network of personal contacts and online resources, as well as local businesses, agencies, etc. Finding the right person or team to suit the task is crucial, as app developers are the folks that take your app idea and turn it into a reality. So, your business success is largely dependent on them.

The best way to find an app developer for startup is to understand what they do and learn of essential skills necessary for the project in mind. So, what do app engineers do? They build, test, and create software for laptops, PCs, smartphones, and more. Problem-solving, innovation, technical and analytic expertise, interpersonal and group skills, and love of nitpicking are all essentials.

Finding top app developers depends on how well you understand that designers, analysts, quality assurance specialists, and app designers are all different professionals! You should also know that the categories of app developers we'll cover below have a hierarchical structure.

Whether you are searching for an Android programmer or want to find an iOS app developer to build an app, it's helpful to keep in mind the following questions. What is the most crucial component of your app that a developer should be aware of? What exactly are you searching for in an app developer? How much time should it take to create an app? When can you expect to see your app's minimum viable product (MVP)? How long will the developer take to build and test your app? And finally, how much finances are you willing to allocate for the project?

Types of App Developers

Native App Developers

While looking for remote mobile app developer, one should understand what platforms it will use. Apps for specific platforms (or one platform) require the engagement of a native app developer team. They develop applications for a particular platform, i.e., iOS, Android, etc. Such developers often specialize in programming languages explicitly tailored for these platforms: Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android.

Web App Developers

You may also find freelance mobile app developers that create web apps. A web application is any software accessed using a web browser. Programmers write web apps in a language web browsers understand (such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS) so they can be displayed therein.

Web application developers establish the routes and rules to process user data on remote servers and then display the output result in an app. Behind the scenes of Gmail or Steam applications, all the computing is performed elsewhere, their technical infrastructure remaining invisible to the naked eye.

Hybrid App Developers

A hybrid app is a piece of software combining capabilities from conventional desktop and web-based applications. Web applications serve as the foundation for hybrid apps. When applications are installed locally, their shell may utilize the app's embedded browser to access platform capabilities. The browser and add-ons work in the background, unnoticed by the user.

Creating a hybrid application requires the use of both native and web technologies. You should look for a hybrid developer if you plan to use multiple platforms. Such engineers have skills not only in HTML5 and CSS but also in some native programming languages.

Where to Find an App Developer?

Finding an app developer may be stressful, but it gives you a better insight into how potential outsourcing companies may implement your project. Besides, this search may suggest a better way to produce your app. Though you still may ask yourself: "Am I finding the right app developer to create my app?" We hope our next batch of advice will help you along this way.

How to Find an App Developer?

Ask for References

If you need to find someone to develop an app quickly and have a limited budget, contacting expert connections for referrals is your best chance. It's an excellent tactic since a responsible third party may attest to the candidate's abilities and competence while simultaneously complimenting your company as a great workplace.

Your chances of finding the right personnel enhance if you have an extensive network of professional contacts. People in your life who are near you, such as family and friends, acquaintances, and close friends, are also included.

Job Boards

Niche employment sites have arisen in response to the rising need for programmers. You may build a firm profile on the board to find mobile application developers for hire. Boards may help you reach a big audience, establish trust, and make hiring easier.

Recruiting Agencies

If you have little time to spend on the screening process, recruitment services can assist you in identifying skilled engineers to add to your team. If you need assistance finding quality candidates, consider collaborating with a recruiting agency. As a result, you will be able to find a developer for an app with better skills.

Outsourcing Firms

When a firm outsources its IT, it delegates the duty of creating and maintaining its computers, networks, applications, and associated services to another company. In addition to creating your app, your development partner will oversee the certification of its software engineers. Outsourcing eliminates the expenses of employing new personnel, providing continuing IT support, advertising an app, etc. You may choose from a vast pool of specialists to find experienced mobile app developer.


Businesses worldwide utilize freelancers because of their lower prices and flexibility (they can work from anywhere, after all). This alternative is less costly since everything is handled automatically, including vacation time, health insurance, and office supplies. The only rates that apply are hourly. Because of the platform's ubiquity, you can find a good Android app developer or iOS programmer anywhere.

Hire a Dedicated App Development Team

Suppose you're looking for an iPhone app developer to build app or an Android programmer for a long-term project. In that case, a dedicated development team should be the best choice as long as it is a collaborative model. You manage all parts of growth, and the individuals are engaged as if they were permanent employees.

You will have to deal with various issues arising as the project proceeds. The dedicated personnel must adhere to your company's processes, which may generate tension if unfamiliar. To produce the desired result, a motivated developer must be able to respond swiftly to changing circumstances. You'll need to arrange the distribution of relevant data and the allocation of sufficient assets to ensure correct project documentation.

How to Choose the Right App Developer?

Although it is not hard to find a developer, choosing the right mobile app development team for your project may be difficult. So, what does "right" mean in this context?


You must choose a partner who understands the target audience for your app. For example, if your software is for use in the EU, you should seek a developer with a record of apps for Europe. They will know the local customers better and suggest perks and features to include in the app.

How to Find an App Developer? - 1

App Store Developer Bios

Examine all possible app designers' portfolios and track records. Finding a qualified developer is critical if you want high-quality software. The amount of training and experience a person has will influence the quality of their job. Discuss business processes, development stages, your app's guiding principles, and the ultimate aim in an in-depth interview or meeting. It is critical to understand what you want as the final result from your app developer.


Those on a limited budget may profit from rookies rather than seasoned experts for apparent reasons. You might also enlist the assistance of interns or volunteers. Some companies may agree to work on your project if you suggest a partnership deal.


Profit is time-bound, as one cannot invest in a project awaiting illusive gains. Is there a deadline for the app developer to finish the app? How long will it take to design, test, and implement your project?

Content of the article


The first step in selecting the appropriate developer is determining if you need a mobile, web, or hybrid developer. You may find a mobile app developer by contacting app agencies, local organizations, your personal network, or freelance sites. Other significant aspects include market selection, app developer qualities, expenses, and timeliness.

If you have an excellent idea for a mobile application and are looking for developers to bring it to life, you have come to the right place. Contact us at Artjoker, and we will assist you in creating a brighter future.

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