How to Make a Photo-editing App and Do It in a Right Way?

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In this article find the process of creation of apps like Facetune and Aviary. Just facts, which might depend on your desire to create a similar photo-editing app. Have a look!

From the very beginning of their existence, photos have been playing a crucial role in our everyday life. With photos, we are now able to see historical personalities in their real shape, nations and animal species that do not exist anymore, including many other things, like 19th-century architectures and even battle scenes of wars that took place almost 150 years ago. However, photos are not the only source of real valid data but also a pretty good source of entertainment. People take photos so that they can recollect the brightest moments of their lives much later or just share their mood and emotions with others. Furthermore, we have to take into consideration that there is now a massive technological advancement, which now allows us to use our smartphones and professional digital photo camera instead of the ancient giant photocamera, where in order to make a magnesium you have to use magnesium. The Internet, for sure, is also a great source of progress, which gave us such things as Snapchat and Instagram.

But for photos, it is not only important to publish them but to also properly edit them. So, we now have applications such as Facetune or Aviary, which are pretty convenient, to be honest. However, a lot of beginner developers who were surprised by the rapid success of these apps are thinking of developing a photo editing app that can stand on its own. So, as you may have guessed, we will be providing an answer the question: How do you make a photo editing app the right way?

What is Facetune and Aviary?

Before starting the discussion of the main technologies that should be used for the development of a really nice photo editing application, it will be really nice to take a look at those platforms we have to use in order to achieve the same result. Thus, here, we will briefly observe two photo editing titans, Facetune and Aviary.

How to Make a Photo-editing App and Do It in a Right Way?

Let me talk about Facetune first. You may say that Aviary is more popular, but in order to understand the whole situation, it may be better to take into consideration the whole set of possible features and aspects. First, we have to say that Facetune is usually called a mobile Photoshop by developers because of the existence of a huge variety of functions and special useful features. Among a giant group of photo editing apps, it may be called the most useful because developers try to arrange a toolkit to function the same way as its PC alternative, but within your portable device. In terms of usage, you may be able to arrange any possible editing operations. For example, you may be able to alter any object on a photo, even the smallest one. Also, let me emphasize that the zooming capabilities of that application are incredible; you are able to see fragments of faces and bodies even if they are not seen in their real size. Besides, you can make use of more than 20 different functions, which could change your photo in the most radical way. Finally, Facetune has a great community of fans and followers, which equals more than 1, 000 000 users.

Aviary is another application developers can look at and decide to build an app like it for editing photos, which may be able to dominate the market. That extensions occupies the top position on the list of the best photo editing apps . This application is available on various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. This makes it possible to operate this tool in almost any conditions. One of the most valuable features of Aviary is the use of a special Aviary SDK arranged by the developers. Thanks to this, the flexibility and simplicity of the application have skyrocketed. As well as Facetune, within an app, a great variety of functions is presented. More than 25 special tools make all the changes in the photo design and elements easy as pie. Finally, we have to note that the developers also did a great job with the monetization process, which allowed them to integrate various built-in purchases into the structure of the app. So, after the examination of the main features of the titans, let us move on to the main tips that will allow us to create a photo-editing app like facetune or aviary.

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What to consider in order to build a facetune or aviary alternative?

For the development of a technological software, program, website or application, the developer needs to keep in mind that there are those compulsory steps he or she must take in order to make their product really nice and at least compatible. In this passage, I will give you several points on how to arrange your application in order to get a good photo editing app at the end of the design process. Frankly speaking, programming is not the most important and vital element here, which has to be taken into consideration. To be honest, the important most considerations in this type of project are:

  • Your fantasy;
  • Designing decisions;
  • Simplicity;
  • Outstandingness;
  • Even, the development team.

Thus, downstream you will see the description of these and several other features.

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1. Examination of a market

If you are about to start such a risky and pretty difficult project, you have to keep in mind that developers all over the world have such an idea in mind already and know how to develop photo editing applications like those popular ones, which have been presented. This is why the collection of intelligence plays a major role in the beginning of the app development. You may use various analysis platforms to achieve this particular goal. As a result, you may be able to control the main development decisions, which are made by the same players in the market. Furthermore, this step allows you to find out the closest competitors around you and make the right decision about what is more important and what is less important. Finally, espionage is really nice if you would like to know, as you get to know the special tools and features your competitors already have and which ones they are going to implement. That may become a good foundation for your own future decision on the key choices regarding the app design process.

2. Now, let us talk about all of the special features

Now, let me give you tips on the steps to follow during the design process. It is so important to understand that if you are designing app that can be found on the market, there is no sense in carrying on with such a project because people will not need your app if they have something equivalent. Besides, a much better decision would be to create a feature that will act as a trademark for your application. Furthermore, you have to be very focused on it in order to make it as perfect as possible so that it will be attractive to people. If you ask me which features you can add I would say that you are free to introduce any feature you want. Try to use your fantasy as much as possible, which will definitely help you create something really new in the end. Lastly, I would also like to make emphasize that examination here, again, plays a crucial role. Look at various other apps and see what you can add and which functions people actually need.

3. Design

To create an app for photo editing, it is really vital to pay a lot of attention to the design. By the way, it should not be just good but also simple and clear for the users. It is called UX or User Experience design, which means that users should find it easy to use, with all the needed elements within the application. In order to develop an app that is easy to use, I would advise that you add only the most important and really needed functions on the screen in such a way that a user may be able to see them quickly and press the right button. There is also another really nice parameter that will allow you to create a facetune-cloned design in a good manner. It is color. In other words, the absence of too much of it. So you have to arrange all, including the elements in three or maximum of four colors in order to prevent your design from being too vulgar.

4. Do a lot of marketing

This aspect might be one of the most important in the list. It is so vital because people do not have an idea that you are thinking about releasing something new. As a result, you have to inform them about that as fast as possible. Sometimes, it is even nice to start the marketing campaign before the release. There are plenty of strategies that can be used to do that. For instance, you can ask famous bloggers to help you in that area, add classical ads to other application and put banners on websites and before videos. Any decision here is acceptable. So keep in mind that marketing sometimes makes business. For instance, we may recollect the Apple example, where Steve Jobs made a decision to sell and advertise the computers created by Steve Wozniak. If Jobs did have such an idea and marketing strategy with a logo and slogans, maybe we would still be using IBM computers, which were the same size as your room.

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5. Make a right choice, while looking for the developers

A good team makes the whole process of app development fast, safe and pretty productive. This makes everything pretty simple and clear for everyone. However, you may have a question about how to assemble such a team. First of all, I would like to give you two most important rules. First of all, you don't need freelancers if you want to create a photo editing app, and the second one depends on your finances. We have to know that using freelancers in programming and app development has a pretty important drawback, which is a highly complicated process of management that usually pulls back the creation of the project. So, the wisest decision to make when you are planning to develop an application is to go to a proper development company. However, prices are vital. So developers tend to look for where they can bargain prices. Thus, we may say that the price depends directly on the region you want to carry out the building process. For instance, in the USA or Canada, you may be required to pay up to $150 per an hour of work. However, in Asia, an hour of work may equal $35-50. But it is really essential to know to which company you're going to go with. So, if you choose Artjoker for your app promotion and development, you are not only choosing good price but also a reliable platform for you ideas.

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Content of the article


All in all, I have tried to explain to you the process of creating apps like Facetune or Aviary. For sure, a lot depends on your team and the people you are working with in terms of their professionalism. So you have to keep in mind that choosing the right people translates to a great project. Anyway, I wish you all the best in your future design arrangements and decisions, which may make your application not only popular but also profitable.

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