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How to Make a Photo Sharing App Like Instagram?


How to Make a Photo Sharing App Like Instagram?

From the 1850s till today photos exist as an integral part of our everyday life all the time evolving and advancing. From the Crimean war till the year 2017 they act as one of the most powerful way of showing the real-time happenings. However, today it is also a way of showing our emotions, feelings and activity. All of that became possible thanks to the development of simple and portable photo cameras. But now, with the emergence of the powerful and rapidly developing smartphone industry with the erection of more advanced and hi-tech devices, that process became even more popular and widespreaded. Such tendencies were leading to another business and media boost, called Instagram, which came in 2010 with the group of amateurs from California. Today, it is acting as the most popular photo-sharing applications with pretty impressing rates. For example, each month Instagram accepts more, than 350.000.000 newcomers, 2.000.000 likes and more, than 65.000.000 new photos. Such an amazing success can not stay unnoticed by startuppers, businessmen and developers, who are becoming more interested in the creation of a photo sharing app like Instagram.

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So, in case if you are willing to build an app similar to that widely known mobile extension or even an Instagram clone app, I would like to say you, that such an idea is a highly serious and massive project, which requires passion and efforts, but not unreal. While lots of people are thinking, that creation of a similar app is an unreliable project, which is nothing more, but a loss of money, I would respond you with an example. Today we have such apps as Whatsapp and Telegram. Both of them are pretty similar, but in the same time, two of the highlighted applications are extremely popular. So, similar ideas are not always unreliable. Furthermore, people all the time adore to see and touch something new and revolutionary, what can impress them in any possible way. Moreover, I would like to give a word on monopolists, because of the fact, as you know they usually pose a threat to the free market and border an opportunity for other applications and extensions to develop. So, it would be really nice to dilute the atmosphere of the stagnating app market with something new, related to photo sharing and rating. Even more, maybe all of you know the history of Standard Oil and understand фhat am I implying. Thus, in that article, I would like to explain you the most basic and primary ideas on how to make an app like instagram.

Make a Photo Sharing App Like Instagram

Things to consider on how develop a photo sharing app?

While talking about the development of a photo app, which will follow the role model of Instagram and would be possible to act even as  private photo sharing app, we have to remember, that even before thinking about a very basic and primary plan of development, there is a numerous number of things you have to consider and remember. Now, let me give a simple list of those things to keep in mind with a brief explanation of each vital point.

1. Market analytics. That point is one of the most vital basic points, that has to be done in the very beginning of the developmental process for your photo app. It is pretty important because of one vital reason. Firstly, you have to know, who are your basic competitors. Then, you have to know, which features and special additions exist within other photo sharing extensions. Finally, look for somethings similar for you and try to combine various features. So, collection of intelligence is one of the most important parts of the whole developmental process, which in case of its success equals 30% of your own achievement. One of the most widespreaded ways to analyse the market is to use one of the most popular tool. which is available for all the developers in the world. It is called The App Market Analyzer, thanks to it you have an opportunity to enter the keywords related to your app and see the rates of all the related applications, which are now used by people.So, according that data you can control and regulate the way in which you are willing to develop your extension.
2. Look for investors. For sure, photo sharing app development cost is a pretty pricey things, and frequently people are not able to fully finance it on their own. So, the best way to deal with a problem will be to find an investor, who will be interested in your project and will be able to give you money. Of course you must share with him. But remember, small sacrifice may later lead to an enormous success.
3. Look for the MVP developers. It is quite obvious, that not every person interested in the development of an app for sharing photos similar to Instagram is an experienced programmer, who is able to develop his own app himself with minimal costs. Because of it, it is vital to find a good developer team, which will be able to help you in that issue and create a high quality product. However, you must do it highly carefully, and we are going to talk about it downstream.
4. Development and launching of a marketing strategy. For any business one of the most vital things will be obviously advertisement, especially in case of an app development. That is why, the best advice here will be to launch an advertising campaign in several months before the app release and call for an interest of the users thanks to videos, notifications and other methods.
5. Add several special features. You may also agree, that the most widespreaded applications become popular thanks to several unique features,which attract people. One of the best examples could be snapchat with its puppy and kitten faces for the videos. For sure, it may be strange and even silly, but lots of people like it. So, do not hesitate to include such features to your apps.
6. Always test your applications. That point is almost a holy commandment. You have always test any completed products in order to avoid the later failures.

In case if you follow these basic rules, you will be able to arrange the core steps of the development of your app on the field of cyber construction in such a way, that may allow you to compete with other similar extensions and even do be on the same level with the most powerful representations of that branch of social networks, which have already almost turned into monopolists.

feed and profile screen

What makes Instagram so popular?

While thinking about an enormous popularity of Instagram we have to consider, what does actually make it so widespreaded among the people all over the world. The answer is pretty easy. It is its design and features. You may wonder, why did I situate that paragraph as a separate one? I did it only because of the fact, that I would like to make a strong emphasis on that issue and say, that depending on, what design are you going to choose, the whole future fate of an application can change. So, I would like to give you several tips.

  • Have a simple design; 
  • Use as less colors as possible; 
  • Do not include intrinsic shapes; 
  • Make the interface user-friendly; 
  • Create your interface in a way, that people will not need to think a lot on how to open this or that window. People are lazy, so, try to act according to that axiom and the result may be pretty satisfying.

Moreover, not only design plays a key role, but also those features, which are used by a company to attract the audience. And you actually have to keep these in head to develop a photo sharing app. They actually are:

  • Autorisation (through email, phone number or Facebook);
  • Edition of your profile; 
  • Messaging;
  • Customization of the photos; 
  • Geolocation; 
  • Feed;
  • Opportunity to sign up for other profiles; 
  • Opportunity of an advanced search;

App Development for instagram

Making an app like Instagram for Android

To develop a photo sharing app for Android as well as for iOS we have to consider the fact of time management, which is highly vital in that field. We will transit to that issue a bit later, but for now let me take a closer look at what have to be done in order to build a photo application, basing on Android. So, here is a list of the most essential tools for Android programming.

JDK. All the Android apps are based on Java, so for the successful building of your Android photo sharing app, the most essential tool will be the Java Development Kit. That is a set of the most essential libraries, tools and extensions, which will give you an opportunity to develop a proper app. However, you have to notice, that your JDK has to include such things as:

  • Development tools; 
  • Source Code; 
  • Public JRE.

IDE. Integrated Development Environment is another important tool for the building process. It is a set of the most essential approaches and platforms for app programming. In addition to that software you also have to attach the Eclipse app from Google, which is fully integrated with Android. Moreover, creation of a vast library of plugins and extension within the Android Development Kit is also pretty useful.

In order to create an app like instagram you have to test your product properly. So, AVD or Android Virtual Base is the best decision for such actions.

Making an app like Instagram for iOS

To be honest, the whole process of a photo application development is pretty similar to its development on the Android base. However, the list of the important tools is slightly different. First of all, the core tool you need id XCODE. You have to remember, that every iOS app is based on that programming platform. However, it can be launched only in Apple devices, so you have to be ready for some additional expenditures. Moreover, for a successful building you have to operate upon the latest version of a platform in order to make your product matchable to different machines and devices.

Furthermore, as an addition to the highlighted platform it would be nice for you to use such extensions as iOS Software Development Kit, that allows you to integrate the app to iCloud and Touch ID. Moreover, Objective C and Swift will also be pretty useful on that field.

Another additions like Textmate or JEdit will help you to sort out and operate with the big arrays of code. Besides, for iOS development vector graphics play an important role. So, take care of Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw or Xara Design for the improvement of an app and filling it with shapes and colors. Finally, in order to later have an opportunity to promote and sell your app through App Store, you need to have a developer account for $99 per a year, what actually is not so much for today.

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Time management for photo sharing application development

  iOS Android Backend
Autorisation: 10 - 24 hours 16 -24 hours 8 - 16 hours
Editing the profile: 16 - 24 hours 16 -24 hours 6 - 8 hours
Creation of a post: 24 - 32 hours 24 - 32 hours 32 - 64 hours
Feed: 40 - 56 hours 40 - 56 hours 24 - 40 hours
Social Functions: 8 - 16 hours 8 - 16 hours 8 - 16 hours
Customisation: 32 - 56 hours 32 - 56 hours n/a
Geolocation: 16 - 32 hours 16 - 32 hours 16 - 24 hours
Messages: 40 - 80 hours 40 - 56 hours 40 - 80 hours
Notifications: 8 - 16 hours 8 - 16 hours 16 - 32 hours
Search: 16 - 24 hours 16 - 24 hours 32 - 48 hours
TOTAL: 256 - 448 hours 256 - 392 hours 198 - 352 hours

From the highly important issue of time it seems to be suitable to transfer to the question of prices. Of course, there could be an argument on which strategy to use, offshore or onshore. However, I always advise to use an offshore strategy, due to the fact, that it often takes much less money. However, if we talk on how much does it cost to build an iPhone app like instagram or the same for Android, we have to take into consideration the location of that offshore. As for me, the best decision will be to choose some remote developing areas like India, Eastern Europe or Brazil. For example, in Brazil the development of such an app may cost from $20 to $60 per an hour, in India it is something between $10 and $50 per an hour, while in Estonia or Ukraine it equals the price, fluctuating between $40 and $90 per an hour. So, according to simple calculations we have some total sumes, which tell us, that in India the development of an app like Instagram for iOS will cost approximately $17.500, while Android app is $16.000. On the other hand, in Estonia it costs  $19.000 to make an Android app like Instagram and $23.000 for iOS. It is obviously much cheaper, than, for example, in Australia, where the total summe will stand between $60.000 and $45.000.

However, in case if we talk about India, it is really essential to remember, that this particular option has a pretty essential drawback, that you have to keep in mind, while choosing this state as an outsource developmental platform. It is not a secret for anyone, that in Asia the quality of production of any good, it does not matter is it an application, car or clothes, is pretty low. That is why, on case of you are thinking about choosing a company in India, it is better to think twice before making a final decision. Furthermore, it is also possible, that you could face a problem of swindlers, what is also pretty common there. Due to this, we advise you to focus your attention on more reliable Eastern European companies, and especially those situated in Ukraine.

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Promotion and monetization

The last, but not least point is of photo sharing application development is for sure promotion of an already made app and the opportunity to make money on it. In case if we are talking about promotion there are several vital things to take into consideration in order to develop an already existing app. First of all, you have to monitor your visitors according to geolocation in order to see, where exactly your app is the most popular. Secondly, you have to examine the user retention by the application and number of those users, who are active within an application. Lastly, we also have to keep an eye on involvement of the users in the life of an app. And only in case if we are able to collect the full intelligence and deal with the issues. which come up with it, it will be possible to successfully promote the app. That is why it is vital to include the SEO support to the price, while signing a contract with the developmental company.

Then, monetization is also pretty important. There are three main approaches to make money on your application.

1. Advertisement. Companies and corporations are paying you in order to make their own profiles within your app and launch their advertising campaigns within an application.
2. In-app purchases. Here you can unchain entirely your fantasy and introduce those extra opportunities and features, which you can imagine.
3. Special offers for the active users. That type of monetization is also pretty reliable, and can act as a sort of reward for those users, which actively participate in the life of the app.

Bottom Line

As you can see, in order to create an app like Instagram, you have to pay a lot of effort and passion. However, despite of that fact, because of such strategy and the whole bunch of existing opportunities, you are now able to say a new word word in the field of the photo application development and create a competing force for Instagram. So, do not hesitate your opportunities and ideas and rush for an action.

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