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Steps to Develop a Delivery app Like Postmates?


Steps to Develop a Delivery app Like Postmates?

Nowadays almost all the field of our life are turned to cyber processes and operation, which we are able to make just with the usage of the Internet and your smartphone. For example, in 2017 you do not have to call to the taxi agency and order a car, you can just use Uber, what makes your life much easier and costs less. Then, you do not need to buy newspapers and, for sure, watch TV in order to get the most up to date news, you can just switch on the application of an independent news agency and read all those things you need. So, the same situation could be seen within the delivery services. I believe, that, while ordering a food delivery you have frequently been waiting for a long time, while courier will bring your food. However, today, with the development of an idea of building an app for delivery, all these problems can vanish really quickly and free you from these long hours of waiting and some problems with reaching the cafe or a restaurant in case if your order did not arrive. Furthermore, it is not strange at all, that lots of different businessmen and programmers, who are interested in the development of their own profitable product are curious on the delivery application development. But they usually may face different problems, linked to that pretty long and complicated process. So, here today I would like to give you several important basic rules on how to develop a delivery app like postmates.

Analysing the market for food delivery competitors

Let us imagine, that you already have an idea to create an app like postmates, that may bring you pretty good revenues. However, that would not be the best decision to start the development of a plan for your project before the creation of an analytics campaign and monitoring of those the most essential and powerful competitors, that you may face. In that passage I will give you three key examples of those companies, which are now the most developed and advanced players on the field.


It is absolutely logic, that in the end of the first paragraph I mentioned the name of one of the most popular and successful delivery services, the postmate app. It occupied that position thanks to the rapid development, simple design and good idea. For sure, you may say, that it was the first strong player on the market, but it is not the most popular point. The main thing here is that, the creation of Postmates allowed people to solve pretty minor but annoying problems linked to the delivery services, which the had previously in a highly simple and clear way. And here, if you want to develop a postmates clone app, you must keep in mind, that it is prohibited to develop a clone. Sound strange, but that is true, your idea has to be unique and be able to bring people something new and more convenient, than they had previously.

develop UberEATS app


Another highly popular thing, which was organised to build a food delivery app was UberEATS. That extension, which was created by a widely known Uber company is simply almost the same as the Postmates. The company is organizing contracts with different cafes and restaurants and offer them their services in delivering food. That is actually the strategy, according to which the majority of the food apps work. You may say, that it seems to be too simple. But then simplicity is, to be honest the tool to success of all these programmes, which make it possible to order a supper without problems.


The last example of a successful delivery app development is Bootleg. Yes, it is not so popular as those resources, presented previously, but it does not mean, that it is useless. Bootler operates with almost all the same tools as Postmates and UberEATS, but one of the most distinguished features of that application is the wide range of different discounts coupons and simple but pretty usefull offers, that may allow you to save your money. Moreover, you have to also manage, that the popularity of that application is rapidly increasing, what makes it one of the most popular food delivery applications. 

Create a business plan for a Postmates-like app

For the development of any successful food delivery app one of the most fundamental things, that ought to be made is the creation of similar to Postmates business model canvas, that will allow you to appoint goals and achieve all of them successfully. Mobile delivery app development as any other project related to the cyber marketing has to be supported by a strong and detailed structure, thanks to which you will be able to avoid the confusion and develop a strong, even MVP, model.

Importance of MVP for your project. Read more: How to develop an MVP?

In order to make all the things clear, let me identify the three most important points, that you have to include in your business plan before launching a project and looking for the sponsors. They are:

  • Key Partners;

  • Key Services;

  • Customer Relations;

In case if  you fully understand, what lies beneath all these notions it becomes much easier and more possible to build clear and exact goals for the development of your application and help to finally write the full code for the delivery apps like Postmates. So, let we give a word on each of these important parts.

While talking about the key partners we have to identify those people with whom we are willing to collaborate. To be honest, it depends, first of all, on your specialization. However, here, we are discussing the food delivery applications, what means, that the most suitable partners for you might be restaurants and retail stores. For example, you can follow the steps of UberEATS and launch a programme of cooperation with those chains, which are willing to extend their popularity. However, even popular chains, such as Starbucks, McDonald’s or Taco Bell are making deals with food delivery startups.

The second most prioritised thing is the organization of key services. For sure, in case if you do not know, what do you offer, you will not be able to create a good application. So, even in case if you are just focused on delivery you have to keep in mind all those functions, which you company will be able to fulfill for their clients.

delivery app like Postmates

And the last, but, for sure, not least point, which is vital to build a Postmates-like app is customer relations. Maybe, that part of the whole process of the creation and the very early days of maintenance plays the most vital role. The whole bunch of those functions and operations, which are used by the developers to keep in touch with their customers is called CRM or Customer Relationship Management. That means, that you as a developer have to pay all the efforts to improve an application in any possible way. While in order to do it, you have to collect all the information directly from the users. Moreover, you have to do anything in order to make that process of the occurrence of data as simple as it is only possible. So, there are three main ways to launch a good CRM within an app. Create a feedback system within an app and avoid editing, you have to allow people to express their emotions. Remember, only criticism sometimes makes you moving forward. Then, in order to make in the end a similar to postmates courier app, you also need to keep in touch with the users, leave your contacts and corporative email address somewhere within an app, but make it in such a way, that for a user it will not be a problem to find the phone numbers and the email address. Furthermore, you have to try to incorporate your application with various social networks and media. For example, you can ask for the advertisement from the youtube bloggers or create a group on facebook or twitter, where you will be able to ask for the people’s ideas, thought and offers, related to your product and the level of its functionality.

MVP tips to create a digital version of on-demand delivery

There are several highly important and vital etapes of the development of the MVP for your application. In that particular passage I would be grateful to show you several tips, which may help you in case of being curios on the fact how to make an app like postmates. However, before starting the description it seems pretty important, to make an emphasis, that here I am focusing only on MVP, so, on those things, which play the most important role during testing and the very first demonstration of your almost done software. So, here I will present three main aims, that will help you to create a digital version of on-demand delivery. They are:

  • Signing in;

  • Geolocation;

  • Payment;

  • Discounts.

Signing in

To be honest, that  part of the developmental process of your MVP plays one of the most essential roles in the whole project. It is obvious, that without signing in it seems to be impossible to use the majority of the modern applications successfully, so the successful outcomes during that the most basic etape means maybe 40% of the success for your delivery application.

While making the delivery services like Postmates, you may have several key ways to develop a signing in process. The first one is the old-fashioned registration with the creation of your own profile, password and answering several simple questions. Another one is the process of registration, which is now widely used by the dominating share of the application. That is the registration via social networks or your email. It is pretty difficult to give a clear answer on what is the best for the development of your delivery application, so, a pretty wise decision may be to chose them both. However, not all the time we have such an opportunity. So, I would recommend to stop on the second one. Yes, it could be a bit more expensive, but in case if we talk about Postmates- like applications, we automatically think about payment. While for payment, the best decision will be to introduce the second way of logging in in order to avoid future errors and bugs. Moreover, another important thing is time. Here I can say, that the first part of the MVP development will take the biggest amount of time, approximately 125 hours, however others will be shorter and not so complicated.


To be honest, without that thing it would be impossible to respond the question on how to develop a mobile delivery app. So, in that passage I would like to enlighten the whole importance of such a point for a successful creation of your application. I am totally convinced, that previously, while ordering something you have been thinking on the time, which it takes to get to your place and where is the courier actually now. In 2017 it is not a problem at all, an such an improvement is now possible only thanks to the existence of proper geolocation. For example, in such application as Postmates, Uber, UberEATS and others, you are able to see, how long is it going to take in order to get from your place to another with your order. So, the same function could be really helpful in your extension as well. Moreover, you also sometimes need an opportunity to track a courier and see, where is he going to. Or, even, let us imagine, that a guy, how is bringing you your order is getting lost, but you do not actually know, where is he located. So, with the usage of geolocation within an app and your smartphone you are now able to call him and explain, basing on the data acquired from the map.

food delivery app

However, that is not all. In order to create a proper geolocation function you definitely need goode developers, because of the fact, that in order to establish a link between a map and a courier you need to implement a special GPS chip, which will give an opportunity for your application to obtain the information from a satellite and then, depict it on your screen. Moreover, we also have to take into consideration, that different platforms use different map software. For example, Android uses Google Maps, while in case if you want to create delivery app for iOS you have to base your application on the usage of MapKit. Besides, the creation of good GPS may take up to 60 hours, depends on the complexity, for sure, but usually it is not higher, than 75. Anyway, you have to keep in mind, that the creation of a successful application for delivery is impossible with the perfectly set geolocation functions.


I believe, that it is needless to say, that the whole function of payment, plays here a pretty important role. There are several ways to implement different means of payment. However, because of the high level of security for all the transactions and the usage of PCI DSS Compilation, the best decision may be to chose an already reliable system called PayPal, which allows you to pay with your credit card via the internet. However, it would not be useless also to insert other means of payment, for example Android and Apple Pay. Moreover, in case of the usage of the already created paying machines within your application you can cut the number of time spent for coding, and, as a result, reduce the amount of money, which is spent on the whole project, its development and maintenance. Furthermore, there are several things, that ought to be also incorporated within the paying machine, such as the calculation of the sume, according to the distance and basing on the data from geolocation and also an opportunity to leave tips for your couriers. Lastly, let me also give a word on the time, which is usually spend. In case if you follow those tips, which are given in the paragraph the approximate time for the development of the payment machine may take up to 100 hours.


If you are a beginning developer, you may say, that this function is not really suitable for MVP. However, discounts are one of those most essential tools, that make it possible to attract customers. Moreover, if we take into consideration, that on the creation of discounts, coupons, presents and special offers you may spend only 6 hours. The importance and priority of that function may automatically increase for you. Even if you do not believe my words you will see in the future, how huge and radical is the impact of discounts on the level of popularity of your application. However, here it is vital to remember, that saving the financial balance in the very beginning of your career is the most important and one of the most complicated tasks in the same time. 

What is the delivery app development cost?

The issue of price in that field as well as in any other is one of the most important ones. To be honest, lots of beginners make lots of mistakes, trying to calculate the cost of Postmates-like app or even more, they reevaluate their own opportunities and run out of money really fast and with no need. Moreover, they also sometimes make mistakes, while choosing the developers’ team and then, get a low quality materials. So, about that and some other tips we are going to talk in that paragraph.

Importance of the right tema for your project. Read more: How to hire a team of developers?

So,app similar to postmates cost a pretty good amount of money. However, that amount depends on several highly important factors, which play the most crucial roles in the whole world of cyber business and programming. The first one is, of course, the size of the project, another one is the number of hours and the last, but the most important is the place, where you are willing to develop an application.

In the previous paragraphs we have already discussed the most essential elements of an MVP for a delivery app. As you were able to see there, each function demands a certain amount of hours which you have to spend on it. So, it is not a surprise, that from the number of function, depends the amount of hours, which on their site, cost money. As a result, we may conclude, that as more advanced and multifunctional is your application as costly it is going to be. For example if you are willing to develop an application similar to Postmates for a smartphone you have to take into consideration further numbers:

Development of the coded system:

  • iOS - approximately 450 hours;

  • Android - approximately 400 hours;

Development of the Design:

  • IOS and Android approximately 170 hours;

Back-end development:

  • iOS and Android approximately 170 hours;

Result: iOS = 790 hours, Android = 740 hours;

Basing on that simple list we can in the future build our pricelist and more or less understand with which sumes we have to operate. And here, we steadily process to the topic of the place of development of an application. The price of those hours depends on several things, your team and the country of their origin. As you may understand you have several choices. First of all, you can hire a team of freelancers in America, which will code for you for a pretty good money. However, that strategy works only in case if you have a small project. If you are willing to build a big application with dozens of functions, freelancers is not your cup of tea. And the main issue here is managing of all of them. In case if you have more than 7 freelancers you life can turn to hell, so, make that choice only in case if you have a pretty small project. Moreover, in that case there is a higher risk to find a bad coder, who will only spoil your project.

make an app like postmates

Another opportunity is to go to a company with fully educated people ready to work for you, who will be able to make an Android or IOS app like postmates for you. But, there is a nuance on where to hire them. In case if you will look for a professional team in the USA, EU, Canada o Australia you may be pretty surprised with the process of all the services. In these states the salary for an hour of work on such position range from $75 to $150, and I am even talking not about the cost to build an iPhone app like postmates. So, that is not the cheapest choice. However, there is another solution. Hiring the company in India, Malaysia or China. As you may know, the labour cost in Asia is much lower, so you get an opportunity not only to give job for people, but also to save your money. For instance, in India, China and Malaysia the cost of coding per an hour ranges from $20 to $45, while the most optimal price is $40. So, you clearly see, that  the price for the same job in the another spot of the planet is tremendously different. And, the choice depends just on you own desires and financial opportunities.

Bottom Line

All in all, as you can see, the development of an app, which will be similar to the postmates is a pretty long-going and costly task, so you may face several pretty complicated questions and issues on your way. Moreover, the financial topica plays an important role, what means, that a search of a sponsor is a pretty good idea.

Importance of sponsors for your project. Read more: How to find a sponsor?

Anyway, I hope, that all the tips I gave you here will help you in the future to develop your own project and make the dreams about a delivery app come true.

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