Top 10 blockchain api providers for developers

Vlad Pshenychka
Vlad Pshenychka
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Blockchain is a relatively new technology that is quickly becoming mainstream thanks to Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) and huge mass media attention towards it. Millions of new users have voted with their money to bring the future of FinTech closer towards the reality. Thanks to this, more and more services are becoming open for cryptocurrency operations.

The need for quick and simple implementation of Blockchain has led to blockchain APIs appearing and gaining popularity quickly. Blockchain API is a helpful tool for adding cryptocurrency operations for already existing services, creating new services that support Bitcoin payments, and even making innovative projects that use Blockchain and are not related to finances. However, right now there are hundreds of different blockchain API providers, and their products are often targeted towards one narrow objective. So, is there the perfect blockchain API for developers? Let's take a look at a couple of popular and high-grade blockchain APIs to find this out.


Top 10 blockchain api providers for developers


As you can see, the number of blockchain wallet owners is now all-time high, and it keeps rising. The number of services that include Bitcoin payments is rising, too. These blockchain APIs for web developers are created specially for cryptocurrency integration into applications, which makes them more popular than other types of solutions. The most notable API creators from this category are described below.

1. Blockchain is one of the oldest and, according to some sources, most popular Bitcoin information services and wallet providers. Their blockchain API ties most operations to the users' wallet accounts. This means that developers don't need to make a separate repository. It allows integrating some of the most important features:

  • Making and receiving payments;
  • Creating a new wallet account;
  • Receiving the latest data on exchange rates and other Bitcoin-related statistics.

2. Coinbase

Top 10 blockchain api providers for developers - 1

This blockchain API example is similar to the previous one. Although this API is a great tool for creating new apps with Bitcoin implementation, it shines when used to add Bitcoin operations into existing apps. Also, it is often praised for its constant customer feedback about every transaction. With the help of Coinbase API you can also add Ether- and Litecoin-related actions to your applications.

3. Bitcore

Bitcore API has a functionality similar to the solutions mentioned above. What makes it different is that it's probably the fastest bitcoin transaction API. Bitcore is a Bitcoin node, which makes this solution perfect for creating apps on P2P network. The absence of a dedicated server and direct tapping into Bitcoin source code are what make it so fast and popular among the developers.

4. ChromaWay

ChromaWay is another company that has their own e-wallet service, ChromaWallet, and offers their own API to work with it, ChromaNode. What makes it different from others is that it is built with the architecture that you can scale according to your needs. This means that you won't have to implement a new Bitcoin API if you need to add another server as your startup is expanding.

5. Tierion

Tierion provides one of the most trusted and secured blockchain API out there. It stands out of the variety of other APIs as it provides a protocol called Chainpoint. It allows developers to anchor data in the blockchain, which, in turn, allows generating an attestation of every transaction by creating blockchain receipts.

6. Gem

Gem's API is a very versatile API for web-developers and programmers working with Bitcoin. It is made to be used specifically with any and all programming languages out there. It is also relatively very secure and safe, as it sends the users' Bitcoins to the server with complex encryption using several unique keys.

7. Colu

This company's Blockchain API is oriented on a couple of programming languages and not Node.js, but it is less multi-functional than Gem. It is also encryption protected and really reliable. What makes it great is that it is relatively simple to use and much easier to learn if you don't know how to use Blockchain API.


Top 10 blockchain api providers for developers - 2


The blockchain technology is constantly developing, which is why there is a need for tools that will bring innovations to life. All of the APIs mentioned below are great for Bitcoin implementation, but they have many more features. If you don't need to use the dedicated blockchain API exclusively for cryptocurrencies, here are some of the best choices for you described below.

8. Neuroware

Neuroware's own API, Blockstrap, is a great tool for Bitcoin integration, as it allows you to pull the data from different sources, such as:

  • SoChain
  • Hello!
  • Block
  • Blockr

However, it provides much more functionality, as this API is focused on embedding blockchain into existing business systems. Neuroware offers a whole package of blockchain protocols that are not related to the financial sector.

9. Factom

Factom provides the best blockchain API for data placement into the blockchain, Factom Alpha. It removes all the limitations of the Bitcoin blockchain (e.g., the amount of information, its format, price and speed limitations) and opens the door for new innovative solutions.

10. Chain

Although Chain Core, an API based on the Chain protocol, is oriented towards FinTech innovations, it is not focused solely on Bitcoin. Its main goal is blockchain integration into financial transfers. Using the technology in this field will make processes much more secure, faster and will reveal many unexplored possibilities.

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All in all, this list should show you that there are lots of different blockchain APIs, and your choice should not be based on your preferences or brand names, but rather on the task you’re working on. Hopefully, now you’re more aware which tools can be the most suitable for you. Good luck!

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