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Which of the Node.JS Frameworks to Choose and Why?


Which of the Node.JS Frameworks to Choose and Why?

The development of applications and other cyber resources is extremely popular among the programmers and usually acts as one of the most sources of income. Due to this, there are various different tools, which are used by the designers in order to achieve their goals. These tools have been developing for several years, starting from a day of the emergence of the internet and the development industry itself. For the majority of the readers it could be quite obvious, that one of the most popular and widely used approaches, which are implemented by the programmers in order to create extensions and games is JavaScript. Furthermore, it is the most popular thing, which is used for the creation of the additions for the devices based on Android platform. However, the existence of JavaScript does not mean, that it is the only possible technology for the evolvement of all of those highly important extensions, which are used by the users.

One of the most useful and popular libraries, which are used as an additional tool for JavaScript is Node.js. Lots of the beginners are wondering, what is Node js? Simply speaking, it is a tool, which makes it possible the creation of the server side of an app upon JS in a much easier manner. Thus, we may argue, that the usage of Node.js web development strategy has become an integral part of any project. But, there are also several Node.js backend frameworks. So, now, you may imagine, that the whole structure of JS is similar to the shape of the roots, when from a bigger root grows a smaller one, while from the small root grows even a smaller part and so on. Simply speaking, everything is linked and exists upon the rule of interdependence. Moreover, in order to successfully operate with Node.js, there is an importance to what is the min strategy of all of those frameworks for Node.js. The main problem, is the fact, that not all of the beginning developers and programmers really know how to use these special additions and which of them to choose. Due to this, we are willing to enlighten here a small list of popular Node.js frameworks, which are:

  • Express.js;

  • KOS.js;

  • Sails.js;

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Why web frameworks for Node.js are so important?

One of the main distinguishing features of Node.js frameworks is the fact, that it allows the user emulate an MVC platform, what makes it possible to build Node.js apps. Such frameworks are really good for the creation of various enterprise-grade solutions for a successful development. To be honest, it is possible to separate all the existing features of the frameworks on several categories:

  • Model, which is responsible for all the logic equations and the operations with data;

  • View, which is based upon the operations with format and all of the layouts of data;

  • Controller, which is focused on sending requests;

A crucial role in the whole idea of the creation of special Node.js frameworks is played by middleware.Simply speaking, middleware of Node.js web framework is a glue, which makes it possible the unification of various elements and parts of a single picture, that are important for the creation of a nice version of a final product. Furthermore, middleware is obliged to follow all of the flows of data between the application and server and try to manage a successful transition of it. In case of the usage of special Node.js web framework for building application you are operating with two classical types of middleware. The first one is an intermediary version of middleware. The main aim of that type of middleware is the procession of the requests and responses, which exist within an application. However. the main obstacle here is the fact, that Intermediaries is not the supreme type of middleware, so, there is a necessity of transferring of all these requests to another type of middleware, called end End Element. While building web apps with Node.js you have to keep in mind, that this type of middleware has a full responsibility and is a supreme type of it. Furthermore, it has a full jurisdiction over the operations with all the responses and, frankly speaking, directly that type of middleware gives all of them. Besides, one of the most important aspects of that particular things is the opportunity of modification and advancing of the requesting processor. All in all, I hope, that here, it was possible give a clear explanation on what is middleware and which role does it play in the whole structure of the frameworks. Downstream it seems vital to enlighten those three most popular and widely used frameworks for your Node.js platform.

choose Express.js framework

Why choose Express.js framework?

ExpressJS is one of the most popular and widely known Node.js frameworks, which are used by the developers all over the world. Frankly speaking, it is based on a pretty popular technology, called callback, what makes it pretty popular in various communities of developers. It is pretty honest to say, that Express.js is a good framework, thanks to a list of several pretty vital benefits. First of all, it is light and flexible, what makes it possible to hold almost any possible operations upon that framework. Moreover, it was also created basing on the desire to make the whole programming process much more simple and clear for all of those people, who amy think about the usage of such a framework.

Besides, we also have to mention, that due to a moderate size of that very addition, the filing system of it will not take too much place, what is for sure, a great positive feature. You now use, Express for the creation of one-page, multi-page or hybrid applications. So, we may say, that the whole concept of functionality of that framework is done on a pretty high level. It is also really vital to mention, that despite of the fact, that Express positions itself as a micro-framework, the whole spectrum of the functions of this particular framework is pretty astounding.

We do not also have to forget, that Express is considered as the best framework for Node.js because of the fact, that it has a really nice middleware and routing functions, which identify the strength of the inside and background system of an application, which is going to be built. Finally, the usage of Express.js is really great because of the fact, that it makes it possible to install and use lots of third-party plugins with different types of functions and key aims. Let me also make an emphasis, that the usage of Express.js is good in case if you are willing to create a small or medium project, due to the fact, that in case if you are going to create a bigger one, you may face lots of problems with the management of it.

In the end of that paragraph it seems vital to summarise all of the benefits and drawbacks of that framework. While talking about the key positive sides, let us mention, that it has a pretty powerful API, what could not be forgotten by an experienced programmer. Then, due to the fact, that this framework has a huge community of those, who are ready to support it, it is pretty logical to say, that the developers may have the resources to evolve and develop the framework with no obstacles. Finally, the most distinguished features are good and clear documentation and the whole level of simplicity. Furthermore, due to a good documentation it is really easy to orientate within the framework and understand all of the aspects of it.

While considering the negative aspects, let us mention that the framework demands the involvement of the manual labour tracks, what is not really easy for the beginners, while for the experienced programmers it is nothing but a pretty annoying and sometimes even useless operation. So, in case if you want to use Express.js, take that point into consideration. Then, there is no universal way of organization, what is for sure, one of the most important negative features of that framework.

choose Koa.js framework

Why choose Koa.js framework?

This passage can actb as the main ground for the argument between koa vs express, however, in order to understand the whole concept of that discussion let us first of all find out, what are the main features of that key alternative of the usage of Express.

To be honest, Node.js developers usually take KoaJs because of the fact, that it allows them to create different applications and APIs with radically improved performance. Moreover, one of the main benefits if the usage of KOA is the fact, that thanks to the developers it has a built in ES6 generator. That is an excellent way to avoid callbacks, which are not always really useful. Besides, it leads to a better code management, while the whole system is based upon component building blocks and handle errors efficiency, what makes Koa a pretty useful and nice tool.

You may use Koa for various projects. However, despite of the fact, that you may be able to create almost any possible applications upon that system, do not try to make those, which are too big ones because of the fact, that the whole system of Koa will not be able just to manage all of the element of it. Despite of the fact, that Koa could be called too lightweight, you are able to shift it with anything you really want.

Sails.js framework

Why choose Sails.js framework?

Sails Js could not be called the best Node.js framework, however, it does not mean, that it has several really nice features, which make it rather good. For instance, the usage of Sails JS is really popular because of several pretty outstanding reasons. First of all, it has lots of automated generators, what makes it possible to improve the time limits, which are usually set for the creation of a project. Simply speaking, thanks to that you become able to spend much less time for the creation of an applications, and, as a result, you are able to spend much less money. Then, we have to mention, that the usage of Sails JS requires no additional routing. Because of it, it is really nice for those, who have just began their career of a programmer. Thus, we may conclude, that Sails JS is good for the newbies.

Moreover, we have to remember, that the usage of Sails Js makes it possible to use a support of Socket. io, what is highly beneficial for those, who are interested in the creation of the pretty complicated and huge project. Due to this, let us say, that the usage of Sails. JS is good for those, who are aimed on big game. Finally, let me also highlight, that the rest of API is arranged really quickly, what acts as one of the most positive features and identifies a high level of organization of the whole system of SailsJS.

PotChain Insight API

What is PotChain Insight API?

With the emergence of the great popularity of the operation with cyber currencies and blockchain systems, the priority of the usage of such frameworks became really great. So, PotChain Insight API was created. SImple speaking it is a frameworks, which makes it possible for the user of the Node.js extension to operate with the highlighted innovations. Furthermore, thanks to the usage of such an addition you may have much bigger range of the developmental perspectives, which may be achieved in a much more simple way.

Now, let me describe several pretty important technological features. First of all, that framework is pretty easy to operate for those who have a pretty nice experience in programming, while the whole process of coding is not really complicated. Furthermore, the framework is using LevelDB for storage, what is one of the main benefits of it because of a great reliability of such a technology. Moreover, it is a fully open-source service, which allows you to implement any needed changes and alterations. Besides, it opens for you an opportunity to develop any needed bitcoin resources, such as wallets and others.

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Taking everything into consideration, it is really difficult to choose best Node framework for your project. However, the actual choice depends only on those opportunities which you have and those priorities, which you set for the development of an applications, such as: size, complexity, design, functions and so on.Anyway, I hope, that this article was really suitable for you and was possible to give a proper response on all of those questions, which you had about the variety of all of those special Node.JS frameworks.

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