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Why does your startup need human connectors?

Alexander Prokopiev
Alexander Prokopiev CEO of ARTJOKER
3 min read

Good developers are not enough to make a startup profitable. It is very important to form the right relationships - with customers, investors, and the media.

If you have no experience in business communication, this task will prove very difficult. You will constantly hear that the investor is on break, very busy, and "we'll call you back."

How do you overcome this barrier of disinterest? After all, when developing a startup, it is important to get feedback and know the needs of the audience.

Why does your startup need human connectors?

Be smarter and more advanced, use insiders!

No, we're not going to teach you the basics of espionage and advice on how to get your people in a company. We're going to tell you how easy it is to find out your customers' needs and preferences.

You need people who are called super connectors. These are people who, on a broad scale, are connected to a niche project. They have a lot of experience and networking. And that means super connectors have a lot of quality relationships in the environment.

Why does your startup need human connectors? - 1

Suppose you are implementing a startup in the medical field. But you have no direct connection with anyone in the medical sector who can evaluate your idea and give feedback.

Use a connector! Who knows best what the medical staff is interested in? The first person that comes to mind is the company's medical provider. This person is responsible for communicating with hundreds of physicians. The provider knows all about the needs and interests of the field.

Another example would be a professor at a medical university who has many contacts with his graduates.

Why does your startup need human connectors? - 2


Once you have brainstormed and figured out who the connector might be, you need to find that person.mn

Use LinkedIn, which can help you find a connector with the right position. Of course, you will have to work hard to make contact with him and convince him to work for you. You may be able to place the connector in the startup on the terms of a partnership, a share in the business or on the terms of a salary.

But the profit will be high - the connector will open dozens of doors for your startup.

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