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Expedreview is a booking service for expeditions and guided hikes in the mountains.

Business challenges

  • Migrate functionality from existing solutions (symphony based)  that had a lot of obsolete code. Enrich new solution with more possibilities
  • Allow partial payments or prepayments for expedition at the Guide's request. 
  • Increase customers’ engagement and speed up booking by introducing chat between a customer and a Guide. 
  • Make a separate "Guide" role and turn the current site into a full-fledged marketplace.
  • Rethink and implement new site UX/UI. 
  • We had evaluated two options: improving the existing site or developing it all from scratch. It turned out to be more cost efficient to rewrite.

Key results

  • Migration from the old database to the new one with the preservation of all relevant data about products, users, expeditions, prices, and reviews;
  • Implemented new UX/UI to meet modern needs and planned growth;  
  • We developed a booking system with partial payments and integrated with Stripe payment service
  • A separate personal account was built for Guides allowing them to manage their companies, expeditions as well as bookings;   
  • We implemented a chat between clients and guides;
  • The whole interface was adapted for mobile devices.
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Our solution

  • Gitlab - based CI/CD pipeline / deployment infrastructure
  • Ansible - software that provides tools for configuration management, orchestration, centralized application installation, and parallel execution of typical tasks on a group of systems
  • REST API for communication with services
  • Docker containerization for services
  • tsvector and tsquery to provide more relevant search functionality
  • TalkJs - Chat API with prebuilt UI and notifications enabled, with a well documented REST API, this solution allowed us to increase the speed of chat development through the use of ready infrastructure solutions.
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Our achievements

  • Updated Web service for users based on Laravel + React.js/Next.js
  • Admin panel, which is based on ready-made solutions and adapted to the new conditions of filling and administration of the project.
  • The UX team has developed new flows for users that allow them to order a trip to Everest and accompany all organizational issues through the site, as well as financing issues directly from the service chat, including invoices and payment (Stripe).
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