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ULTIMATUM is a clothing line that changes the way we think about tactical and military clothing, bringing style, comfort and functionality to it. The created line of clothing provides maximum comfort, stylish look and protection in any conditions. Each element of ULTIMATUM products is a combination of high quality, practicality and advanced technology .

Business challenges

Our task was to make the online store convenient, for which we had to implement several key tasks: importing goods from TorgSoft, expanding the functionality of the existing site, integrating with Nova Post and moving to a new hosting.
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Our solutions and features

Integration with Torgsoft

Now we have set up automatic uploading of all products from the Torgsoft system to our admin panel. This allows us to effectively manage product availability, prices, and descriptions without the need for manual data entry.

Purchase in 1 click

We have successfully implemented a quick purchase functionality that allows customers to place an order in just one click. This simplifies the purchase process and makes it more convenient for users who want to save time.

Customer personal account

A personal account was introduced to provide customers with a personalized experience. They can now track their orders, view their purchase history, manage their data and receive personalized recommendations.

Integration with Nova Post

We have established integration with Nova Post, which provides faster and more efficient delivery processing. Customers can now track the status of their orders in real time and receive delivery notifications.

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Our changes have made the buying process more convenient and transparent for our customers, increased conversion on the website, and improved the efficiency of managing products and orders within the store for managers.
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Kashcheiev Maksym

Head of Business Development

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