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Credit 1 (KashtanCredit) is a microfinance company that specialises in providing short-term consumer loans.

Business challenges:

The client already had an existing microfinance software, but it was not working for them for several reasons:

  • It was not adapted to local legislation;
  • It was unstable to handle heavy workloads;
  • The cost of making changes was high;
  • The client wanted to launch the project as soon as possible.

Our solution:

  • Microfinance software developed on the basis of our company, which covered 90% of the desired result;
  • Adaptation of the current microfinance software to the legislation;
  • Deployed the solution on AWS;
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Module of prolongation based on the Agreement signing:

This module allows you to extend the term of contracts based on the need for signature. Users can easily and conveniently extend and renew their contracts, and the system automatically takes into account all requirements and rules.

Module for creating contracts:

This functionality allows users to create new contracts quickly and efficiently. A minimum amount of data is required from the user, and the system generates a contract with all the necessary parameters.

Connection of Two Payment Services:

Platon: Integration with Platon provides an opportunity to make payments and transactions through this payment gateway. Links to documentation and instructions are available here.

IPAY: Integration with IPAY extends the capabilities of the payment system, allowing users to use this service to conduct transactions. Details and information on how to use it are available here.

Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) connection:

Integration with DepositSign allows you to use an electronic digital signature to sign documents and agreements. This guarantees the security and legality of all electronic signatures. More information about DepositSign can be found here.

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  • The system is deployed on AWS;
  • A renewal module has been developed;
  • Payment services are connected;
  • EDS is connected;
  • A module for creating and editing contracts was developed.
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