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Gooddollar is a blockchain project aimed at educating the population about cryptocurrency literacy. GoodDollar operates on the Ethereum platform, utilizing smart contracts written in Solidity and employing the G$ token as an ERC20 token.

Our solutions include:

  • Developing new features for the Gooddollar application and website.
  • Testing functionality and conducting regression tests.
  • Designing new UI screens.
  • Supporting and implementing DevOps functionality.
  • Testing functionality and building mobile applications (Android/iOS) prior to release
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Our achievements:

To increase acceptance and trust in the system, a simple digital wallet was created, accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The user experience focuses on the key action of "claiming" G$ coins as the primary income and executing one-level transactions.

The wallet is a user-friendly mobile web application built on React using React Native, with an open-source codebase, just like the entire GoodDollar code. The wallet interacts with three main components: the GoodDollar protocol, Identity solutions for verifying unique identities, and distributed login solutions.

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Kashcheiev Maksym

Head of Business Development

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