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Mahoom is  a mobile application focused on photos of  interior and home design. Users have an ability to share their own pictures and ideas of interior design or browse and get inspired by the content shared by other users. 

Business challenges

  • It is a challenging task to launch a social network for this domain in a very competitive market dominated by Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.
  • The main target audience (Norwegian)  are nor succeed in the hom renovation. Renovation projects are not completed in Norwegian homes are due to: 25% laziness, 40% money and 34% due to lack of time.
  • To create a lot of content and activity in the app to make Mahoom be a more interesting platform for “everyone”. 
  • To have the main social network features to be competitive.

Key results

  • Landing page for the app promoting; 
  • Daily reports for founders to see the app growth;
  • Optimized Azure infrastructure architecture for storing big amount of data like images and videos:
    • Creating a script for finding and cleaning the cash;
    • CDN
    • Autoscaler
  • Custom branded chat solution; (developed ourselves)

Our solution

We built a platform that collects inspiration, interaction and implementation is one place. During the app design and development we have completed the competitor analysis (screen below) where we have analyzed main features and flows. And also more important that this process (process and research and analysis of feedvack) became continuous. All improvements phases started from analysis stage. 

Permanent communication with Product Owner allowed the team to have the last user feedback and real analysis results to make some conclusion. (had a group of ambassodors and users who gave feedback on application)

solution image mahoom

Thanks to this approach the Product Owner could gain the assumptions and insights:

  • Mahoom will not be a success without content.
  • Mahoom will not become an “for everyone” app until there is sufficient content and engagement to attract users from other platforms.
  • Mahoom must be different from the other platforms in a way that adds enough value to justify the platform change.

Mahoom must first attract users who add value in terms of content before Mahoom can focus on other groups such as consumers, sales, and marketing.

The content problem was managed on product owner side by attracting main ambassadors (design, real estate people)  to the app.

solution image mahoom
On the development stage we have created a matrix of features that needs to be done first to be competitive, worked by 2 weeks Sprint. Receiving the feedback from ambassadors helped us to start app improvement after the first launch, adding new features, etc. 
image mahoom

Our achievements

For the first 6 months 

  • Up to 5000 users; 
  • Up to 10000 photo uploads; 
  • Up to 3000 created hotspots in the app. 
  • For the year about 4000 installments of the app.
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Kashcheiev Maksym

Head of Business Development

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