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Tehno Yizhak

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Tehno Yizhak - online store of electronics.


Develop a mobile application based on the client's ready-made design.


  • Implementation of a loyalty card function in the mobile application.
  • Creation of a personal customer account.
  • Notification of gift receipt ("Your friend has picked up the gift," "Your friend has not yet picked up the gift, remind them…" "Your friend made a purchase with your card, receive bonuses," "You have been with us for 1 month. Thank you!", "Happy Birthday!", "You have been with us for 1 year").
  • Using of QR codes for personalized discount cards.
  • Additional features such as purchasing products with user bonuses, viewing all user purchases, a company news screen, and a screen displaying the locations of all company stores.

Key Results

  • Implemented a loyalty card function in the system, which also allows for rewarding customers with bonuses for their loyalty to the company. Customers can use these bonuses to purchase items of interest.
  • The application features a discount system that can be gifted to friends. Additionally, company customers can gift presents to their friends through the app and receive notifications when the gift is received.
  • The app includes information about the locations of “Tehno Yizhak” stores in shopping malls. Furthermore, customers can view a complete list of their purchases.
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Our Achievements

  • Developed an application for Android using React Native, which received positive feedback from the client, leading to a request for an iOS version.
  • Created Lottie animation for the "My Card" page on iOS.
  • Integrated Firebase analytics, including crash analytics.
  • Project support, including bug fixes and additional tasks.
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