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Business challenges:

  • Make it possible to understand who was interested in the offer, who clicked on the link, who performed the target action (ordered the product, left a review, etc.)
  • Make it possible to customize the flow of work with the customer base. Divide it into interested and uninterested customers - send repeated SMS to those who are interested.
  • Create a project using existing services or no-code platforms on the market to the maximum extent possible.

Our solutions:

  • A market analysis was conducted to identify suitable services for the project;
  • Created a customer database in the Airtable service;
  • The ability to upload customers from excel to google sheets has been set up;
  • The ability to edit the database manually through the Airtable interface has been set up;
  • We have set up automation in Airtable;
  • Built flows of work with interested and uninterested customer lists.
  • Connected service for sending SMS messages;
  • A separate backend has been developed that allows:
    • Track clicks on links from SMS;
    • Generate unique links for each user;
    • Shortening of links;
    • Generate a script to track targeted actions;
  • A Dashboard for visualising statistics in Airtable has been built;
  • Ability to add SMS texts for each customer list;
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How it works:

The system's operation consists of the following steps to be taken by the user:

  1. Download the database of potential customers (leads);
  2. Create SMS content for each campaign, which includes the text of the SMS and a link to the user's landing page;
  3. Send a personalised newsletter;

The system automatically calculates the campaign budget, allowing the user to effectively manage finances and see all projected expenses. After replenishing the account, the user launches a campaign (mailing to the database of potential customers). Our system monitors which customers responded to the offer by clicking on the link in the SMS and which ones ignored it. As a result, the database of potential customers is divided into:

  • Blacklist - those who ignored the offer (did not follow the link).
  • White list - interested clients who are ready for further communication (follow the link).

For those who have entered the Whitelist, the system automatically sends additional SMS with offers after 30 minutes, which increases the chances of conversion. This method allows you to significantly save your mailing budget by focusing only on interested customers. This way, marketing costs are optimised, as you can then customise various offers for the interested audience only.


  • A system has been developed that allows you to save money on SMS sending by dividing the lead database into “Interested (Whitelist)” and “Not interested (blacklist)”;
  • The ability to manage the database of primary leads, with a check for the correctness of phone numbers, has been created;
  • We have created an opportunity to nurture interested leads (Whitelist) by automatically sending additional SMS by triggers;
  • The ability to manage the content of each newsletter has been created;
  • We have developed an automatic predictive calculation of the cost of each campaign, which calculates the length of one SMS, the number of numbers in the campaign, and the cost of pressing customers from the White list;
  • The possibility of replenishing the balance for sending SMS has been created;
  • We have developed a Dashboard for visualising statistics on sent SMS;
  • A system for tracking clicks on links from SMS has been created;
  • The ability to shorten links has been developed;
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