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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Mobile App Development Services

Mobile app development is one of the most rapidly developing branches of the world business, which involve more and more players into that game from year to a year. Nowadays, the majority of those young people, who are only thinking on the creation of their own projects, may be 100% sure, that one of the most important directions of their growth could become the cyber field of world marketing. However, sometimes, these entrepreneurs may face numerous problems and dilemmas, starting from a question on “how to hire developers?” and finishing with the main issues related to promotion and advertising. Exactly because of the existence of such problems, there are numerous IT companies focused predominantly on several key directions related to marketing optimization, blogs and websites creation or applications building. One of the most developed and experienced companies could be called Artjoker. Artjoker is the 11 years of hard work, experience and the dozens of successful projects. It is a team of those, who really take care of what they are doing. While choosing Artjoker for the creation of your project of the whole life, you are choosing not only a team of professionals, but also reliability, respect and professionalism.


  • iOS mobile application development - Our custom mobile application development firm has a years-long experience in application development for iPhone, iPad. We have a lot of specialists who will help you to develop it from the very beginning: from project requirements to placing it on the AppStore. This process needs an individual approach. Moreover, so it becomes a top mobile application, we provide its promotion.

  • Android application development - To hire mobile app developers is all you need, as 1.4 billion people use this operational system and this quantity is constantly growing. Keep up with the modern tendencies and be sure you are always on a roll.

  • You should hire mobile app development team of professionals to entrust your application to. A process of application development isn't that easy because our experts should create it according to UX best practices to make it easy and understandable for customers. Also, mobile app development services we provide are of high quality and the right approach is a pledge of big quantity of downloads by customers and potential clients.

If you still don't have an idea what they are made for and why your business needs it, here are some reasons to order it:

80% of mobile users surf the Internet using their mobile devices

It is an image-building tool that breeds customer loyalty, if you believe every mobile app expert

It will attract more clients

TOP mobile applications developed by Artjoker company:

Why Artjoker is the best mobile app development company in NYC

  • We are a mobile application design and development company that does everything in time and is passionate about our activities
  • We thoroughly analyze the business of our client, its target audience and applications they often use, the activity of main competitors, field peculiarities, etc.
  • A dedicated team of mobile app developers for hire includes a markup specialist, developer, designer, project manager, QA tester, etc.
  • We have a great desire to make our clients happy and build a long-term cooperation with them, as our motto EVERY CLIENT IS OUR PARTNER has made us the top mobile development company.

We have a great desire to make our clients happy and build a long-term cooperation with them, as our motto EVERY CLIENT IS OUR PARTNER has made us the top mobile development company.

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Natalya Brinza

Project Manager