Developer's notes: how to test ios app on device without apple developer program

Every developer tries to get round the system first of all to save money. I'm not talking about time, because usually trying to act under the “law”, we waste much time instead of using permitted methods. So, owing to curious iOS developers we can use non standard methods to test iOS app on a device without apple developer program. In this article we will try to form a step-by-step guide for testing iOS apps since it was long time ago I described my experience using old devices.


1 Software versions to use:

  • OS X Mavericks 10.9.2
  • Xcode 5.1.1
  • iOS 7.0 iPad mini
  • iOS iPhone 4

2 Now, what is required ?
  • Jailbreak an iOS device
  • Prepare iOS for installation of the self-signed apps
  • Connect your iOS to Xcode
  • Configure device for development
  • Create the certificate

  • Configure Xcode for using self-signed certificate
  • Configure it for debugging (for testing iOS apps) on the target mobile device

3 Jailbreak

The firmware that we use has been cracked to 7.0.6 . In case there is no cracked device you have to close this tutorial and pay $99 to Apple.

4 Preparation of our iOS device for installation of the self-written apps

It's not a secret that it is necessary to set the so called AppSync in Cydia to set a self-written (cracked) apps . If you failed to succeed then Xcode will show you the following error : “No code signature found”. Don't worry, you can still test iOS app.

5 We configure and connect our iOS device to Xcode

  • Start Xcode
  • Connect iOS mobile device to USB
  • Open “Organizer” window
  • Select a connected device
  • Press “Use for development” button
  • It is likely that Xcode will try to get a connection to the Apple server and check if there is a program developer account. In this case press Cancel button.

Now, our device will always be determined as a default for development (there is the main and preparative part that will help you answer the question: how to beta test iOS apps)

6 Create the developer's certificate

  • Launch your application
  • Click Menu “Certificate Assistant > Create a Certificate”
  • On the first page, fill in the data and press “Continue” button
  • Create a new certificate
  • Change the “Validity period”
  • “E-mail address”> leave it blank
  • For “Algorithm” and “Key size”, set the default values
  • Press Continue on all the further pages (till the window with “Create” button appears)
  • “Create” > “Done”

7 So, how do you test iOS app?

Set Xcode to use a self-written certificate
  • Close Xcode (if it is open)
  • Open Terminal

  • Open Xcode
  • Create a new project or Open >“Build setting” tab >Select the created certificate
  • Select your mobile device next to the “run” button
  • Press “Run” and Xcode will broadcast source codes in executed file and upload it to the device
  • The following error will be shown:

    This is OK because we haven't configured a debugger yet. But you can use the mobile app in the device.
8 Configure Xcode for app debugging on the target mobile device

Idid compilation

  • Upload GIT if necessary
  • Then write the following code:
Create a new /usb/local/bin/ file
  • Make ldid and as launching ones:


Xcode configuration
  • Close Xcode if it's open
  • Update configuration file iPhoneCodeSign.xcspec, writing this code in the terminal:


  • Open Xcode
  • Now, to set up debugging it is necessary to add a “-gta” flag changed for
  • Now it's time to Config and launch the app on the target iOS mobile device
Now you are PRO =)

Based on all the information above we will agree that nothing is impossible and pretty easy. And now you know how to test iOS apps without a developer program account.