7 Steps. How to Market an App?

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Creation of an app is important. But its release sometimes plays a more important role. So, today, we will give you a brief instruction on that topic.

According to several researches, an average cost of app development may equal approximately $10.000, however, in some cases, that price may double, while increasing up to $20.000. Despite of the fact, that a programming side of your application development is really important we can not forget about such a thing as mobile app promotion. So, in case if you are forgetting about how to market your app, the whole sum, which was spent on the designing does not worth even a cent. Due to this, in that article we are going to observe the key steps on how to market app.

The world statistics show, that during 2011, the market was full of more, than 1 million applications. Actually, at the end of 2010, there were only 300.000 of them. Do be honest, from a year to a year the mass in the whole system of app mobile market is growing more and more rapidly, what actually possesses a problem. So, each app, while being designed has to be created under the circumstances of best way to market an app and make it popular, what is one of the most vital aspects of each project.

Frankly speaking, that article is arranged for those people, who have already completed the core coding process and are looking forward to implement good mobile app promotion strategies. We offer you to reveal some good advises on inbound marketing to know how to advertise an app an app and make it cost even more less, than you expected.

TLDR: 7 steps on how to market an app?

  1. The beginning of an advertising campaign long before the beginning of an actual release;
  2. Never stop the customer engagement;
  3. Emails are important!
  4. Launch a blog;
  5. Create as much as possible loud around a project;
  6. Remember to keep in touch with your testers, what may later help you in solving lots of problems;
  7. You have to remember, that order in all the data and materials is extremely important;

Launching of a marketing strategy long before the release

While arguing on how to promote an app, we have to keep in mind, that the most effective primary technology may be to start the advertising campaign long before the release of an app itself. The strategy, which you are going to develop during that beginning period may act as a core foundation for your future app promotion arrangements. Besides, in order to promote your mobile app successfully, one of the vices decisions may be to arrange your investments steadily in order to separate the sumes what later may help to make the designing process more balanced and equal.

7 Steps. How to Market an App?

Never stop engaging potential customers and existing users

One of the strongest powers, which may be used in app promoting is the activity of the potential customers, which all the time visit your site and observe your products and goods. So, one of the most vital things to remember, may be the attraction of their attention to your resource. Besides, keep in mind, that any applications needs a proper feedback from a real user. Twitter may be one of the most reliable and useful platform for the search of those, who may help you in marketing your mobile app. Besides, use BuzzSumo, and Social Crawlytics to identify influencers in your industry in a quick way. Keep in mind, that that usually tweets and posts act a highly important role in advertising for mobile apps, so, make them look like the actual solutions for the users? problems. Lastly, it worths mentioning, that if these app marketing strategies are arranged as quickly as only possible, the beneficial influence of them for your app will be hard to over evaluate.

Emails are important!

If you have a desire to promote your app for free, one of the best solutions might be the usage of the emails. Yes, that strategy is not too old. By the way, it is really important to find and systemise the mail addresses of your users through Twitter cards, landing pages, white papers, or comparable tools and arrange a certain list of emails, which might be later pretty helpful. Email marketing is actually really helpful, but remember, that it is pretty vital to keep the mails, which you send to the users friendly, but not irritating.

Blog your app

The development of a blog during 6he creation of your own website or application is one of the most wise steps, which you can make. Furthermore, it might be more effective to start it while allowing the users to write there their questions, while asking for information, help or just an advise. Another advantage of blogging is providing more search visibility target keywords, quality content, and pitching industry influencers will definitely improve blog's search engine rankings. It is really vital to remember, that the user may be allowed to write down only the questions, linked to the content issues in order to prevent mass.

Release Your Application Successfully Generate excitement around your product

In case if you are willing to use one of the best mobile app marketing strategies will be to allow your users to have an access not to the long and boring texts but to infographics, images and videos, it will make the whole process of the examination of your project by the users much easier and simple. You may use screenshots from your app, promo videos or infographics that explain what is your app about. Such content will drive hundreds of email signups by interested users and act as a really good marketing strategy for apps you are creating.

7 Steps. How to Market an App? - 1

Keep in touch with beta testers and influencers for better word-of-mouth marketing

Testers are not only those who are to find bugs, but also app's biggest supporters and word-of-mouth marketers being a great resource for further targeted audience research. In case if you face some issues, the best decision will be to ask those, who already know, what is your application in reality and which best solutions to the problems might be implemented.

Keep your launch materials in order

Creation of a good marketing plan for mobile apps is really important. It will allow you to keep everything in order and help you to have a fast and simple access to all of the materials you need. A press kit should be carefully prepared: full website, press releases, promo videos, screenshots, and other application announcements. You may be able to use them in order to reach those people, who already have a sort of a fame in the community, such as, widely known bloggers, for example.


All in all, as you may see, there are various strategies to market an application. All of them, to be honest, might be pretty complicated to arrange on your own, so, it might be really nice to have a good link with mobile app promotion companies, which will do it for you, while matching the best platforms to promote your app. Of course, it does not matter if you are focused on iOS or android app marketing. And, for sure, they will take money for it. Anyway, I would like to say in the end, that such responsible and complicated tasks have to be done with the help of experts and all of the etapes of your work are going to pass well.

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