9 Ways to Increase The Average Online Store Check

Alexander Gorodov
Alexander Gorodov Head of Marketing Department
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Do you want to sell more? That's a strange question, of course you do

"N.B. Average check = total revenue of the online store / number of checks"

I suggest 9 working ways to increase the size of the average check in your online store:

1. Working With Price Tags

This rule comes to us from good old-fashioned merchandising. How do you make the price more enticing? How do you make a customer want to buy? It's actually quite simple. You can do a lot with the price tag. Here's just part of how you can "decorate" the price of a product:

  • Indicate the size of the discount;
  • Emphasize the special status of the product: "New", "Best Seller", "Only at Us", "Recommended by Mr. X";
  • Highlight the promotional price in red;
  • Add a counter of the number of products that are left in stock at the suggested price (for example, 10 laptops left at $500, after - the price will be $600);
  • Limit the current price to a time frame, also add a time countdown (for example, before August 20 the tent price is $200, after - $300, X days, X hours, X minutes left).

9 Ways to Increase The Average Online Store Check

2. Free Shipping From a Certain Order Amount

This technique also works great for increasing the average check. Set an acceptable minimum, starting from which the delivery of goods to the client will be free. Only really free, not 5 dollars, not 30 cents, namely for FREE. Because, as I wrote in my article "About anchors, lures, geese and behavioral economics", nothing attracts people like the opportunity to get something for free.

"N.B. You can offer not only free delivery, but also, for example, to give some product as a gift, provided that the person has already spent an N number of monetary units."

3. Accumulative Programs

This method will not only increase the average receipt of your online store, but will also increase the number of repeat sales. Offer your customers to become participants in a savings program - give them a card or make a virtual account, which will sum up the total amount of purchases from you, and reaching a certain point will grow into a good discount, bonus points, or nice gifts. Such a technique is used to the utmost by offline retail chains, so why not adopt this experience online as well?

9 Ways to Increase The Average Online Store Check - 1

4. Discount for Spenders

You can also encourage customers to buy more products from you with a good discount. Set a minimum limit from which you offer an attractive discount.

"N.B. Use the "ladder" technique - set several thresholds, for each of which you offer a different discount. The more money spent, the higher the discount. For example, a purchase of $200 or more will get you a 5% discount, and $600 or more will get you a 10% discount, etc."

5. It's cheaper together

Come up with bundles of goods that are profitable for you, and sell them in bundles. Be sure to indicate that if you buy the goods separately, the total amount will be so-and-so, and that the bundle will be much cheaper. Be sure to show both the percentage and monetary value of the savings 🙂.

"N.B. You shouldn't make kits out of junk. These should be items that are useful to the client and complement each other, such as "camera + lens + flash"."

6. Cross-selling

It has something in common with item number 5, only in this case we don't sell in bundles, but offer additional (related) items separately to the main product. For example, if a person intends to buy a computer, we offer him a cloth for the monitor, headphones, speakers, and a chair. Read more in the article "How to do it? Cross-selling in an online store".

7. The Social Responsibility Game

This technique is quite common in the Western market. And it benefits not only your profits, but also your image. The idea is that you attract your clients to charity. For example, you help an animal shelter. Certain products you associate with this activity, attracting customers to help as well - from each of their purchases a certain percentage goes as a charitable contribution.

"N.B. It is human nature to help your neighbor, he feels from this a sense of increased self-importance, so you can safely try such activity in your online store."

8. The Trap of Relativity

Offer a product that is more marginal to you to the customer. Show that it is more advanced, fast, trendy, useful, beautiful, smart - in general, that it is much better than the one the customer plans to buy. To make this work, lure the website visitor into a "relativity trap" (that is, add a decoy product, compared to which your offer seems simply delightful).

Let's say the customer is on product A, but you need to sell product B. Introduce bait -B, that is a deteriorated version of the product you need. Since people tend to compare similar options, his mind will reject the different one at once, and because option B is much better than -B, the client will buy exactly what you need. Read more about this technique in the book "Behavioral Economics".

9. Pages of Appreciation

Many online store owners underestimate the power of "Thank you pages". And completely in vain. I've already written a lengthy article on how to use them to increase conversions. I recommend reading it for anyone who wants to make their site more effective.

As for increasing the average check, the thank you page can masterfully remind us about additional purchases, offer to participate in a charity event, offer to buy everything in a bundle - in general, do all the things I listed above.

9 Ways to Increase The Average Online Store Check - 2


As you can see, there are many ways to build your online store and online business more profitable. And now, after reading this article, it's time to take action!

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