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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Agile Communication Tools for Working With Remote Teams


Agile Communication Tools for Working With Remote Teams

When you are planning to work with a remote team, a lot of new problems come to the fore. Do you know anything about managing software development process? Well, it is eternal source of problems. And to solve them, 75% of IT companies use Agile methodology. For example, we love Scrum and Kanban in Artjoker. In this article, I gathered Agile communication tools for working with offshore outsourcing teams.

I need to divide all of the tools into 3 categories:

  1. project manager tools - these are tools for communicating with the PM, who is really helpful.
  2. team tools - common tools for every member of the company
  3. specific members tools - tools for better communication with individual members

Among project manager’s tools, I can state two types.

  • communication with the client (you)

Here, we use any online communication method like chats (Viber, Telegram) or e-mail.

  • communication with the team

For better communication with the team project manager, there is need to run practically a virtual office. You, as a client, can also be involved in this process just by using special services like Basecamp, Worksection, Asana, Time Doctor etc. They are lifesavers when the deal comes to planning, setting tasks, monitoring, getting to the goals, time tracking and even chatting. These tools keep everything together and organized.

Agile Communication Tools

Moving to team tools, I have some subcategories such as:

  • for discussion - Slack, Trello, Sqwiggle
  • for web and video conferencing - Skype, webEx, GoToMeeting, Google hangouts
  • for sharing (files, docs, images, folders, presentations etc) - Dropbox, Google disk, Prezi

Those are perfect for communication with the whole remote team. Preferably, each member should have an account in the first and third groups so you can reach them individually.

And the last one is specific members tools. It is Jira for developers that helps with bug tracking + has some PM’s tools. Then Jing for designers - a great service for sharing screen or video capture with voice comments. And Google docs for any paperflow.

Of course, it is not a full list of possible Agile communication tools, but it is a set of reliable and trusted ones. Good luck with turning ideas into excellent results!

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