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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

How to Build a Corporate CRM, or How to Improve the Efficiency of a Team


How to Build a Corporate CRM, or How to Improve the Efficiency of a Team

CRM software stands for Customer Relationship Management system – a tool that consolidates customer information and documents into a single database so business users (owners, managers, etc.) can more easily access and manage it. The software keeps all the data about leads and clients in the right order and shares the load among specialists that work with them.

To improve the efficiency of a team, a customer asked us to develop a corporate CRM software to give the staff that attends to customers the opportunity to compile detailed information on customer's personal details, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns. We discussed the business goals, chose appropriate tools, and finally kick-started the project .

Business domain

Company, which the customer worked in, is a leader in the home services market. They offer services such as house cleaning, lawn care, interior design, roof maintenance, electricity and TV mounting, etc.


The goal was to develop a CRM that would allow the division of requests for work among handymen, monitor the state of the work going on and actively communicate with the clients through e-mails and SMS.

What for?

To manage the time of maintenance men and managers the right way. The decision was to get a system that could help divide requests for work among techies. The base saves their location information and updates the data on a daily basis. When a new maintenance job request gets to the base, the system uses multi-parameter analysis to choose techies that are the most suitable for this work. After that, the manager chooses the best experienced techie for this particular situation.

corporate crm

The objectives:

  1. To build a CRM that perfectly suits a customer's company goals
  1. To optimize business processes
  1. To make possible browsing statistics as a report
  1. To factor in the economy of human resources

Challenges of the team:


To develop a semi-automated CRM system for optimized division of work requests among maintenance men.

Technology stack:


As a result of the dedicated work and creative efforts of our team members, in 6 months, we launched the CRM system, which optimizes the work flow of the customer's company. We also continued to develop and update the product.

crm development

Opportunities provided by the CRM system

  1. The tool receives and handles orders, as well as reserves for certain techies.
  1. Recording the telephone conversation (to be aware of manager's work quality).
  1. Viewing the order history
  1. Multi-parameter analysis of every specialist
  1. Reporting and statistics
  1. Specialists efficiency


There are several roles in the CRM system for different business goals.

Among them are:

Customized screens and functionalities are designed for each role.

Integration with external services:

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crm development

The services let managers keep information in the right order, quickly form orders and divide them among specialists.

The next step for us is to add a chat feature to the CRM system for comfortable corporate communication. This will allow us create a great ecosystem for the company.

The built CRM product has already been used in several company offices in Europe and America. And we continue working with the client and on a new cross-functional tool for new business domains.

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