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FAQ: 7 The Most Popular Questions on Mobile App Development


FAQ: 7 The Most Popular Questions on Mobile App Development

1What is the difference between mobile app and a website mobile version?

Let's reconsider the terms:

Mobile app (native) — is an app based on iOS or Android (we work only with these platforms) OS and developed according to their requirements. Mobile app is independent of a website as it has its own unique peculiarities and options: push notifications, camera, work in the offline mode.

Website mobile version it is a website adapted for mobile devices, which works through mobile browsers. Its capabilities are restricted. In action, mobile version significantly yields to an app as a result of the speed as it fully depends on Internet.

If you just want to stay abreast of the newest tendencies, you need the mobile version of a website if your mobile traffic is growing but your website isn't responsive and is slow. In case you want to solve real business issues not only for usability but also for your staff (hold social accounting, ensure communication between the departments and accounts department), then a business app is the right choice.

2How to earn money from app?

There are a lot of ways to monetize mobile apps. You just choose an appropriate variant according to your specifications.

  • ad placementis one of the most popular methods of monetization. Here, an app becomes a platform for displaying ads, and an advertiser gives you money for displaying ads in your app;
  • partnership allows you to not only place paid ads but to exchange products, services and subscriber base in terms of sponsorships;
  • additional function setis another popular method of monetization which allows a user to try a version with “limited functionality” in order to arouse trust and to show the product the way it is. If your users enjoy it they will pay for the full version and you won't be among those that sell a pig in a poke;
  • paid access to an app (content) some of the apps offer not only functional set for money but also content (informational materials). Demand on such apps is rather low, but it is connected with audience selectivity. On the whole, such approach demonstrates high level of payback.

To make the right choice, it is necessary to analyze an app, the way your competitors work and what is actually trending. Taking into account this data, we develop marketing plan pointing at budget and KPI.

Questions on Mobile App Development

3Do you build apps on cross-platform frameworks?

Cross-platform frameworks (Xamarin, phonegap, ionic)help to solve standard tasks. However, you won't be able to really build an app that is unique and made specially for your business, which is demanded by modern market or even markets.

If you are interested in a business app, then you should go for original development for definite algorithm. For this occasion, a native language for each of the platform is used. This allows for the realization of the necessary logics and to get the necessary technical solution, although for a higher price (time is spent evenly but time is evaluated differently if we develop with the help of a cross-platform framework or native platform).

To sum up. Development based on cross-platform frameworks is a great solution for simple and budgetary projects, although it's better to choose a contractor that is specialized in native platform languages if you are planning to launch to the market and to solve particular business tasks.

4What is the price of mobile app development?

Any development is evaluated in terms of projects' difficulty. All the work is executed step by step:

  1. Preparation stage — irst meeting with the client. Now you can discuss business specifics, announce approximate budget towards functional set, visualization and promotion with business analytic and sales manager. Especially for those that have limited financial powers, we discuss the functional set, which is possible for that budget. There is one more variant - development according to SCRUM methodology. Project can be developed by parts. Every stage of work is adjusted and negotiated during the meeting with sales manager and project manager, so a number of moot and time points will be reduced to 0.
  2. Project requirements — description and adjustment of all project details and work logics. Specialists will think over all the nuances of each block and API request. Computation run of a project is a separate service, which is 5% of the initial project price, and if your project is developed in our company this sum will be included in the whole project price. It is very convenient both for you and for us because in this case we discuss all nuances and think over future mobile app in great details together. At this stage, you get acquainted with your project manager and technical specialist (if you wish we can organize a brain storm with all team members).
  3. Development — Developers come in after the formation of project requirements.They create an architecture, elaborate functionality and along with it designers create the design of the future app. After the adjustment process is over, markup specialists add visual part and filling, and we get the ready-to-use app connected to the server. Before its launch, there is only one stage the app goes through– testing.
  4. App testing is an important stage. It allows for fixing all the bugs by QA specialist, improve it and then set up a 100% ideal work. When everything is done, your app is launched on the App Store - Google Play.
  5. Promotion works(if desired) If you want your website to be promoted, then you need PPC and SEO specialists at the development stage. They will give you some recommendations and edits that will allow you to attract the appropriate audience and increase conversion rates.

Price of developmentdepends on planned time points of specialists that will work on your project. At the initial stage, we are ready to adjust project requirements and tell you how much time your project will take and how much it will cost. Additional edits will be discussed separately, but successfully completed first and second stages will allow you to save on additions.

Questions on Mobile App

5How to save money on app development?

There are several methods of decreasing work cost. We suggest the following methods to our clients, which can reduce development budget:

  • If you are planning a large-scale project, then it can be completed in parts (according to SCRUM system) in order to organize monitoring once a quarter. But along with this, you also want to make sure the basic functional set is running, which users can work with. Payment for the work done is in parts.
  • You can save on visualization —to buy a trivial design and use it. You will decrease the uniqueness of your app but will reduce your expenses.
  • If there is a standard task, you can buy an app template (design + functional set). You will spend money only on visualization, adaptation to your business and certainly on the template.

Anyway, if you save on the development (either on team or technical solutions), you endanger your project. Do not save money on things that will provide a good work and guaranteed profit for your company.

6I have a nonstandard tasks. Have you got any solution for it?

When you turn to us with a problem, first, we analyze your business specifics (current trends, competitors), go in for your topic and only then we choose the solution that will fit you. To show you we have put it into practice, let's look at some examples:

  • an app for Kharkov citizens' communication, developed both on Android and iOS platforms. There is an integration with the website and social networks, in-built application form processing, there is an option to vote, choose language and font calibration;
  • an app ensuring safety on the web – cross-platform app with responsive design which secures one from hackers, DPI and corporate systems of data control. There are two versions with different functional set.

Owing to our expertise and qualified specialists in Artjoker, you will get exactly what you need – function set, design and original approach.

7Do you develop game apps?

Actually, this is not our niche. Artjoker offers solutions in relation to the Internet. And one of them is app development specially for a particular business. Surely, we are interested in StartUPS and games (not large-scale), but only in cases where they are used as a push for profit growth or to increase your clients' loyalty. They can be mini games for solving particular business tasks (increase loyalty, form necessary image, realization of community mechanics), but the main focus is on business apps.

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