How to build a great audiobook app?

Vlad Pshenychka
Vlad Pshenychka
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Reading is what makes you a real human. That is why, lost of people use audiobooks, when they do not have enough time to read the paper versions of their favorite novels. So, why not to make it your benefit and start to earn money on that idea?

Books have always been an integral part of our everyday life. The main intellectual archives of the humanity have their origins in the industry of written and printed books. IN the very beginning of the history of book writing they have been using as special storages for the knowledge of those people, who have written them. However, a bit later people found out, that the creation of stories and legends is also really entertaining, that is why the whole concept of literature was born. So, now, we have such great writers as Leo Tolstoy, Stanislaw Lem, Howard Lovecraft, John Tolkien or Clive Lewis. However, in the 21st century, maybe because of a terrific pace of life or just because of people?s laziness, actual reading becomes less and less popular. Due to this, lots of businessmen found out, that recording books might be pretty profitable, such a thing as an audiobook was created.

Technologies nowadays play a highly crucial role in our lives, so the industry of books was also affected. Furthermore, even some of the most influential Internet companies, like Amazon were based on an idea of selling books. Because of it, audiobooks are also involved in that industry. For instance, Amazon has released such an audiobook app like Audible, which already has a great community of fans. Being affected by such powerful community, lots of the beginners faced a question, how to make an audiobook app? Directly because of it, we are willing to enlighten such a topic in that article downstream.


Frankly speaking, we can separate the whole community of fans into two particular groups. The first one is acting strongly in favour of the development of various audiobook applications, while another one is acting opposite to that idea, so, there is a sort of argument. And in that passage, I would like to explain you, why the creation of such application may be profitable for you.

First of all, we have to take a look at s history of that industry. Audiobooks made a great journey from simple and old-fashioned tapes to CDs and later to MP3 format. For sure, with the usage of the Internet, you can find anything you want. But in case of the observation of the question of audiobooks, there is a small problem. On the Internet, there is a lack of pretty strong resources, which may be able to give you a great field for the search of various audiobooks. So, we can make a conclusion, if somewhere is a problem, someone can make money on it. It is a simple rule of any successful businessman.

How to build a great audiobook app?

Now, let us take a look at statistics. Audiobook industry is a pretty powerful machine, which was on top of its popularity during the era of CDs. However, after the emergence of a powerful structure of the Internet, there are no more such powerful companies, which previously were focused on the distribution of disks. But, the desire of people to acquire more and more new information did not decline. Thus, audiobook app development seems to be a pretty perspective plan. For example, in 2013 the number of audiobooks on the Internet equalled 20.000 books, however, in 2017, it is up to 60.000. Besides, I would like to say something about money as well. A total revenue from the downloads of different audiobooks in 2013 was almost $2.8 billion. Unbelievable, isn?t it? By the way, the number of downloads in the same year was close to 4 million. Without a detailed explanation, it is pretty clear, that such an idea is a great perspective for the acquisition of good revenues and popularity. Lastly, your app may become a nice obstacle for the Internet piracy, due to the fact, that in case of the existence of a pretty powerful audiobook distributing application with reliable reputation and strong traffic, there will be no need for the pirated to attract people with free but sometimes dangerous content, which may have viruses and bugs within it.


If you are creating an app for audiobooks there is an importance to think about the creation of a proper business plan in order to arrange all of the needed elements in a right way. Besides, the creation of a good monetization strategy is also really important.

First of all, let me give a word about the creation of an application itself. There is one of the most popular and widely used technologies for the creation of an audiobook database, which is called API. Frankly speaking, in case if you are interested in a detailed process of the designing of a shop, you have to keep in mind, that a basic strategy has its roots in the system of a typical e-commerce shop, so, you may not face lots of problems, while creating such an app. However, let us get back to the usage of API. It is a special database with a limited-access system, which may be used only by those people, who have a special license for the distribution of various media materials, such as music or movies. You, as an owner of a special application, take various copies of different musical compositions and sell these copies to those, who are using your app. The procedure is all the same in case of the distribution of audiobooks as well.

Another important point here is, of course, monetization. Businessmen without the desire to earn money are just impossible; you have to take it for granted. There are two basic classical ways of the arrangement of the monetization process within such applications. The first one is a subscription to the users and the second one is ads. In case if the second one is more or less clear, there is a need to discuss the first approach in a more detailed manner. For example, in Amazon, user membership costs $14.95 per a month. So, in order to use your application, a user has to pay you a certain amount of money each month. Thus, it is the main source of income for your company. However, you do not have to forget, that a share from these sales always goes to the authors, otherwise, your activity will be recognized as a crime.

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For the creation of an interesting audiobook application, there are several pretty interesting and widespread technologies. Frankly speaking, there are four of them. Namely, they are in-house content development, usage of ACX, usage of API and the creation of related content. Previously, we have already discussed the main principles of the development of an application with the usage of APIs, so now; I am willing to give you several pieces of advice on the creation of it with the usage of other popular methods.

If we are discussing the creation of content for your application by yourself, we have to keep in mind two really important things. The first one is the fact that the usage of such a method does not mean, that you are free from the payments and the second one means, that usually, such content is not really good. However, it might be vital no notice, that in case if you are willing to arrange a very first version of an application, that technique might be the best. But it is really vital to keep in mind, that in order to have a proper result, the condition in which the content s going to be created has to be almost perfect, as well as hardware.

Another way of the creation of content is the usage of a special ACX, what is really popular among the developers of similar applications. In order to make a long story short, I will just say, that it is simply a marketplace. Upon that marketplace, you have just to publish an advertisement, where you may write, that you are looking for those professional, who might be possible to arrange a proper material for your application. However, in case if you are too worried about how much does it cost to create an app for audiobooks, then, such an approach is not for you. At least at first stages of app development.

Finally, another approach is the creation of related content. However, we can not say, that it is an independent approach. We may call it an additional arrangement for the creation of a really good audiobook application. What does it actually mean? It means that while developing audiobooks, you are also presenting your user's various other materials, such as news or scientific articles. Such an approach may help you to develop a really nice platform for real intellectuals.

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All in all, I tried to give you a pretty full list of those methods and technologies, which ought to be used by the developers and businessmen in order to design a nice audiobook application, which may help them to become dominating players within that particular segment of the market. However, for sure, that is not all. And in order to be really successful in that field, you have to be able to do other things, which are actually obligatory for any person involved in the cyber world. For instance, you have to be able together a proper team, know the main differences between popular coding strategies and advertising campaigns. However, all these things are going to become a part of your life in the future.

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